There are plenty of new and re-branded old weapons added in Season of The Seraph in Destiny 2. Here are all of the weapons introduced in this season.

The Season of The Seraph update for Destiny 2 is here, and with it comes a whole array of new seasonal weaponry that players may work to obtain. Season of the Seraph adds a new armament that is worth farming for over the next few months. This arsenal has reprisals of old favorites as well as a multitude of new perk combinations that can be lethal. The most recent season release includes a number of additional weapons in Destiny 2 that are either completely original or fresh spins on old favorites. These weapons are hidden away in forthcoming events or concealed within seasonal and ritual activities.


The new loot pool has been designed specifically with a focus on variety rather than what is likely to be the most popular items, so that every type of player may find something to their liking in it. As a result of this, seasonal items such as a Bow and a Glaive are new additions, and for the first time, the Trials of Osiris have made a Heavy Machine Gun available to players. Another first for this game, the weapons of Destiny 2 available in the Deep Stone Crypt raid are getting an overhaul to make them craftable and give them perk rolls that are more in line with how the game is currently balanced.

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All New Weapons in Season Of The Seraph in Destiny 2


Weapon Name

Weapon Type

The Manticore

Submachine Gun

Revision Zero

Pulse Rifle

Path of Least Resistance

Trace Rifle


Pulse Rifle

Retrofit Escapade

Machine Gun

Fire and Forget

Linear Fusion Rifle

Judgment of Kelgorath


Exalted Truth

Hand Cannon

Unwavering Duty

Machine Gun

Tripwire Canary

Combat Bow


Pulse Rifle

Prolonged Engagement

Submachine Gun


Rocket Launcher


Sniper Rifle


Scout Rifle




Auto Rifle

Aurvandil FR6

Fusion Rifle

Dark Decider

Auto Rifle in Destiny 2


Hand Cannon

Hung Jury SR4

Scout Rifle

Wendigo GL3

Heavy Grenade Launcher

Gunnora’s Axe



Hand Cannon


Submachine Gun


Sniper Rifle

All of these weapons can be made available to the player through various methods whether they are through the season pass, exotic missions, seasonal activities, Trials of Osiris, Strike Completion, Crucible Matches, or simply random drops. Players can also obtain many of these weapons via vendors around the map, or from individuals like Shaxx and Zavala. With a plethora of new weapons introduced in the Season of The Seraph, players should use them to fully customize their combat to their liking and explore different regions in Destiny 2.

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