Warning: This article contains spoilers for season five of Yellowstone.

Tonight is the mid-season finale of everyone’s favorite cowboy drama, Yellowstone, and the stakes have never been higher for the Dutton family. 

John Dutton was sworn in as Governor of Montana in season five and his new job title brought a slew of new issues for the family and the landowner. The Dutton family has always had a target on their backs, but with his new title, it grew more prominent, and the weapons forged against them became stronger. The worst part is that some of those weapons were being thrown by ones who were supposed to love them and were parts of their trusted inner circle.

It seems that things are coming to a head with the debut of the mid-season finale. As Jamie sets off on a mission to impeach his father, the battle lines are officially drawn, and the common ground for them to stand on is falling apart under their feet. The preview for the mid-season finale shows John telling Monica that he needs help from Kayce — that he needs help from all of them; and it’s seemingly a life-or-death matter.

Speaking of Jamie, fans know there’s always been strife between him and John; things escalated in previous seasons. Not only did Jamie learn about his adoption, but when John ran for office, he received the nod of support from prior governor Lynelle Perry, which infuriated Jamie. As he grew closer to his biological father, it seemed that things were quickly taking a turn for the worst.

With an impending impeachment on the table, a family that doesn’t like to bend to those who threaten them, and Jamie feeling more powerful than ever with Sarah Atwood by his side, the mid-season finale is sure to blow audiences away. You know what that means: you’ll need your Yellowstone-loving besties and your favorite drink tonight; it’s going to get intense. 

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