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With the triumphant return of Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion, there is no better time to look back at the actor’s long tenure as Agent 007, aka super-suave spy James Bond. His license to kill lasted for five films over the course of fifteen years, the longest time any Bond actor has held onto the title. Now that the dust has settled on his run, we are left with some clear favorites, along with some controversial and lesser-loved films, particularly Craig’s second and fourth outings – Quantum of Solace and Spectre.

Both films had their own unique troubles getting to the silver screen. For Quantum, it was a writer’s strike that left the producers charging towards a set release date without a finished script. For Spectre, it was a reluctant director Sam Mendes returning, after already stating he wasn’t, a knee injury for Craig which required surgery and cast a shadow on the rest of filming, and a battle between the studio and the producers over the ballooning budget. However, both films still have their respective merits, and are arguably nowhere near the franchise’s low points. So, let’s determine which of the controversial Craig films comes out on top. It’s a battle of the “lesser” Bonds here only on…FACE OFF!!

This episode of FACE-OFF is written and edited by Paul Cooper, narrated by Shawn Knippelberg and produced by Adam Walton and Chris Bumbray, while Berge Garabedian is executive producer. If you enjoy this video, why not subscribe to our JoBlo Originals channel and tell your friends who may also like this sort of content.

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