If devil-worshipping cults and pentagrams are what you’re into, the Netflix series Devil in Ohio (2022) might be right up your alley. However, an online debate is brewing with a split decision on whether or not the show is any good.

Emily Deschanel, Sam Jaeger, Madeleine Arthur, and Xaria Dotson star in this eight-episode series in which a young girl with a pentagram carved into her back has been brought to the hospital. She won’t identify herself to anyone nor divulge any information until she finally meets Dr. Suzanne Mathis, played by Deschanel. The doctor takes on the task of caring for her while she tries to find her a foster home. Meanwhile, Suzanne’s family is beginning to have tensions and this may not be an ideal time to bring this girl into the situation who is now identified as Mae.

Suzanne’s colleagues look down on her when she decides to take the “patient” home. In reality, she probably would be invited into the office of an administrator who would spell out how her decision might be opening her up to legal action and there are certain consequences for that like the loss of insurance and being suspended from all of her cases.

One redditor made a decent case for watching the movie: If you’ve run out of all other horror films, this one will do in a pinch. Just don’t expect much.

Released in September, just before the Halloween vibes started hitting everyone, Devil in Ohio gave it a good shot. After all, it has human sacrifice and a mysterious backstory. The writers went for everything here including murder and burning buildings. But it was still lackluster for many viewers.

When the horror fans recommending it are wishy-washy at best, that’s the best time to figure out if it’s worth it or not. Some fans love cringeworthy horror that fails because it scratches an itch nothing else can reach. However, this fan doesn’t mince words at all. They didn’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it.

With this blow, the recommendations are complete. This viewer was not a fan either.

Devil in Ohio is streaming on Netflix now. Give it a go! What is there to lose?

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