The end of any year inevitably brings with it carefully-curated “Best Of” lists, but there’s also plenty of conversations to be had at the opposite end of the spectrum, too. Unfortunately, Ana de Armas found herself dragged into the dogfight over having the worst 2022 of any star in Hollywood, but her bacon may have been saved by Margot Robbie.

To be fair, de Armas’ year wasn’t an unmitigated disaster, especially when you consider she didn’t appear in a single movie that enjoyed a wide theatrical release. Erotic thriller Deep Water was delayed for for almost a year and a half before being sold off to Hulu and buried, while The Gray Man became Netflix’s biggest hit of the year, and she was about the only element of Andrew Dominik’s Blonde that managed to escape from the wreckage relatively unscathed.

However, that didn’t stop a debate from erupting on Twitter as to whether or not the 34 year-old had truly enjoyed the industry’s most noteworthy annus horribilis.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Margot Robbie to enter the chat, with the two-time Academy Award nominee having been christened with the unwanted label of “box office poison” after taking second billing behind Christian Bale and Brad Pitt respectively in Amsterdam and Babylon, two colossal box office catastrophes that are expected to accrue combined losses of a mind-blowing $300 million.

Harsh, but probably fair. 2022 was hardly a banner year for de Armas, but at least she didn’t suffer the ignominy of watching a pair of big budget vanity projects go down in a ball of flames that burned so hot her short-term reputation may have been harmed as a direct result.

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