Wolverine’s made a name for himself as one of the greatest heroes in Marvel Comics history, but his great-granddaughter utterly corrupted his legacy.

The legacy of Wolverine is one of valiant heroism after his many years fighting alongside the X-Men–too bad his great-granddaughter destroyed it.

James “Logan” Howlett aka Wolverine is a mutant with heightened animalistic senses, a healing factor, and six retractable claws that extend from his knuckles. Following his time being held captive by Weapon X–during which time Wolverine was forced to carry out assassinations and undergo torturous experimentation–Logan was taken in by Professor X and became one of the X-Men. As a member of the X-Men, Wolverine proved himself a true hero by protecting the innocent and even saving the world on more than one occasion. Wolverine reclaimed a life that was stolen from him and turned it into a lasting legacy that anyone could be inspired by–that is, before it was permanently corrupted.


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In Guardians of the Galaxy #8 by Jim Valentino and Tom DeFalco, readers are introduced to a character named Rancor who–as is later revealed in the series–is a descendent of Wolverine. Like Wolverine, Rancor is a mutant who possesses an impressive healing factor that makes her virtually immune to any and all attacks while also granting her a longer lifespan. Plus, Rancor has razor-sharp claws as well, except hers extend from her fingernails rather than her knuckles. Not only that, but Rancor even has a similar aesthetic to Wolverine–including hairstyle and costume color-scheme. While the similarities between the two are interesting, what is more so are the differences–and Rancor’s villainous ways ensure that there are plenty.

Wolverine’s Descendant Rancor is a Villain on a Cosmic Scale

Wolverine's descendant, Rancor introduction.

Rancor once led her own personal army of mutants on Planet Haven after she ripped her father’s heart from his chest–thereby eliminating any challenge to her power–and enslaved the human race. At that point, Rancor had the attention of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and when she was eventually defeated by the superhero space team, Rancor destroyed Planet Haven only to escape and come up with another villainous plot for galactic domination. At one point, Rancor even teamed up with Doctor Doom before turning against him–proving to be even more treacherous than one of Marvel Comics’ greatest schemers.

Wolverine’s great-granddaughter enslaved an entire class of people, destroyed a planet, and revealed herself to be worse than Doctor Doom. While Rancor inherited practically all of Logan’s powers as well as his predator streak, she didn’t get a trace of his heroism–and Rancor’s evil was enough to destroy Wolverine’s heroic legacy forever.

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