The solitary Shining Pom appears rarely as an enemy with huge rewards in LoH: Trails From Zero, especially at the West Crossbell Highway location.

The Shining Pom in The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero grants players heavy rewards when the elusive enemy can be tracked down and defeated in locations such as the West Crossbell Highway. However, unlike the Shining Poms found in other areas like the Mainz Mountain Path and Ursula Road, the encounter found on this strip of road poses a greater challenge than players might expect compared to the previous two. To earn a large quantity of XP that comes with killing the Shining Pom, players must take their time and prepare to use the appropriate skills of their party members beforehand.


The bus that stops near Bellguard Gate hosts the West Crossbell Highway Shining Pom location, which players may access by going down the path to the west past the treasure chest on the highway. Farming the spawn location of the Shining Pom can be surprisingly simple here, as players find the fifth loading screen of the highway near a bridge and ramp that leads toward Bellguard Gate, giving them a chance to traverse between both areas to prompt the creature’s chances to spawn over and over. Although there are other objectives, such as Detective Point missions from LoH: Trails from Zero along the highway, players can spend as much time checking for the Shining Pom as they want without consequence.

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How To Defeat The Shining Pom in LoH: Trails From Zero

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Shining Pom Entry from West Crossbell Highway Displaying Stats and Description in Journal

Players that equip the Eagle Eye Quartz or Information Quartz items can detect how many enemies are in a region when they load a new section of an area. Normally, there are seven enemies in the location where the Shining Pom spawns. However, should players see an eighth icon, that means the Shining Pom has appeared, for the time being, incentivizing a swift save of progress before engaging the creature. In the same vein as other rare enemies in the game, such as the Creepy Sheep in LoH: Trails from Zero, the Shining Pom has the disposition to flee when it can, another reason for players to keep a save file to reload before entering combat.

The Shining Pom is found at Level 16, the highest among the other encounters in earlier levels, with special attacks that induce intimidating damage. With high DEF and nearly 200 ATS and STR on normal difficulty, players should prioritize maximizing their CP in advance to avoid being one-shot by the Shining Pom. The CP Slurp and Brilliant Shine attacks can deal nearly 300+ damage at times to pose a legitimate threat against even a party with high bonds in LoH: Trails from Zero. An S-Break attack made by the player after finding the Shining Pom in West Crossbell Highway forms the best strategy when beating the fluffy opponent in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

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