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The upcoming “The Flash” movie is set to boast the much-anticipated return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman just over thirty years after he last slipped on the cape and cowl in 1992’s “Batman Returns”.

It turns out some of his toys from the Tim Burton films are also coming back and getting a bit of an upgrade. A photo has gone online of some tie-in merchandise for the film, which shows a look at the ‘Ultimate Batwing’, a new take on the vehicle seen in the 1989 “Batman” film.

The toy features both The Flash and Batman in action figure form, alongside the large-scale Batwing shaped in the Batman logo design. It bears a strong resemblance to the original, but the wings are less rounded, with sharper points and slightly different angles.

The almost fighter jet look of the original is retained, including the forked front, which was used to lift The Joker’s Smilex-spewing giant balloons out and away from the city before it crashed on the steps of the condemned Gotham Cathedral.

The only clip tease of the film so far has also indicated Keaton’s iconic Batmobile is back, though it was covered in a tarp in the clip, so it’s not clear what modifications have been made to it.

Ezra Miller, Ron Livingston, Kiersey Clemons, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Sasha Calle and Ben Affleck co-star in the Andy Muschietti-directed film, which is budgeted at $200 million and is on track for a June 16th 2023 release.

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