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Quiver Distribution has unveiled a trailer for Candy Land, the truck stop slasher they’ll be giving a theatrical and VOD release in North America on January 6th, and you can check it out in the embed above!

Written and directed by John Swab (Ida Red), Candy Land sees Luccardi taking on the role of Remy, a seemingly naive and devout young woman, who finds herself cast out from her religious cult. With no place to turn, she immerses herself in the underground world of truck stop sex workers a.k.a. “lot lizards,” courtesy of her hosts, Sadie, Riley, Liv, and Levi. Under the watchful eye of their matriarch, Nora, and enigmatic local lawman, Sheriff Rex, Remy navigates between her strained belief system and the lot lizard code to find her true calling in life.

Olivia Luccardi of It Follows and Go/Don’t Go stars and is joined in the cast by Sam Quartin as Sadie, Eden Brolin as Riley, Virginia Rand as Liv, Owen Campbell as Levi, Guinevere Turner as Nora, and Billy Baldwin as Sheriff Rex. Swab produced alongside Jeremy M. Rosen, with Robert Ogden Barnum and Michael Reiser executive producing.

Swab had this to say about the film: “Candy Land is my first venture into the horror genre. While it’s more of a traditional slasher film, we wanted it to have no boundaries and push the limits. I’m in love with this film and find it to be an authentic tale with the nostalgia of the great ’90s cult cinema that inspired me; Bully, Scream, Welcome to the Dollhouse. In a world where people are afraid to take chances, this film and everyone who helped make it pulled no punches.

What did you think of the Candy Land trailer? Will you be watching this movie next month? Let us know by leaving a comment below. I come from a family of truck drivers, so I have a soft spot for trucking-related movies… even if the movie happens to be about “lot lizards” getting slashed. I was sold on this movie as soon as it was announced, and will definitely be watching Candy Land.

Candy Land

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