Bloody Disgusting

One of the year’s surprise success stories in cinema has been “Terrifier 2,” the cult slasher film with an extreme gore quotient that ended up making $12.2 million at the box office off just a $250,000 budget.

The film sees the sinister Art the Clown resurrected and returning to Miles County, where he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. Cue some extreme gore that caused people to vomit and faint in theaters.

Now, a few months on, the film’s writer, director, editor and producer Damien Leone revealed his hopes for a potential third instalment in the series, which he’s already penned a treatment for.

Leone says that the main goal will be to take the franchise back to its roots by recapturing the more frightening aspects of the original “Terrifier” short film upon which the feature film series was based. As a result, he plans to make the next film the scariest of the franchise. He says on Twitter:

“One of my main goals for Terrifier 3 is to recapture the creep factor present in the original Terrifier short film. That had a genuinely spooky atmosphere that I’m still proud of. If all goes as planned, part 3 will be the scariest Terrifier thus far #terrifier3 #creepy”

Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam, Sarah Voigt, David Howard Thornton, Casey Hartnett, Amelie McLain, and Chris Jericho star in the second film, which is on VOD platforms and Screambox. The first two films featuring Art the Clown, “All Hallows’ Eve” and “Terrifier,” are on Tubi.

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