Perhaps unfairly, Daisy Ridley’s Rey Skywalker is often at the center of criticism about Disney’s sequel trilogy. For many Star Wars fans, she’s emblematic of the project’s flaws: the eventual reveal she’s Palpatine’s granddaughter doesn’t make sense, she’s pilloried as a Mary Sue for being naturally good at everything, and making her the embodiment of “all the Jedi” doesn’t feel earned.

Maybe this isn’t necessarily a problem with Rey herself, but with the movies she was in, and the fact that her story wasn’t planned out ahead of time. Now, fans are wondering whether there’s room for redemption with a solo show on Disney Plus:

Fans believe that a quality Rey series is possible, but it’d face a big uphill climb:

Others want more of John Boyega’s Finn instead, as The Rise of Skywalker effectively left him on the sidelines:

It’s notable that even diehard sequels haters don’t necessarily put the blame on Daisy Ridley:

This would be the perfect opening scene:

But, let’s face it, this could go one of two ways:

It’s worth noting that Rey’s story might be continued in Damon Lindelof’s upcoming Star Wars movie, which is set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker. Canon material already tells us that Rey is considered a Jedi Master in the distant future, which means she likely had major adventures we haven’t seen yet.

Right now, there’s no indication that Ridley will return for any project set in a galaxy far, far away, though we’d love to see an older, smarter, and better-written version of Rey that’d help heal the wounds left by the disastrous final entry in the sequel trilogy.

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