Stitch’s Friendship Quest has him decide on a hobby. He asks Disney Dreamlight players to help him start a band, but he’ll need the help of others.

Stitch has made his fabulous arrival to Disney Dreamlight Valley and brings a variety of quests and activities with him. As players increase their friendship level with him, they will help the adorable blue alien adapt to life in the valley and find something to take his mind away from pranking Donald Duck. Finally, in “Making Music,” Stitch settles on starting a band and recruits the player to make that happen.

Making Music” is a late-stage quest for Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, unlocked upon reaching friendship level 10 and completing the previous Stitch quests. Stitch wants to star in a band, but he needs band members. The player must talk to some villagers who play instruments and find the best fit for the band. The player can invite two of the five options; Kristoff, Merlin, Remy, Eric, or Ursula. Kristoff and Eric are good choices with their lute and flute.


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Helping Stitch Start a Band

Stitch Photo Shoot Making Music Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

A band needs sound equipment to be heard, but luckily, Scrooge McDuck seems to own everything. It’s good that he’s one of a few characters who doesn’t sleep in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, according to the Youtube channel GosuNoob, he won’t give the player anything until they make a good photo backdrop. To build the photo backdrop, players need 20 Hardwood, 10 Glass, 10 Fabric, and 9 Tinkering Parts.

Hardwood is a natural resource from the Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, or Frosted Heights. Glass, Fabric, and Tinkering Parts, meanwhile, require crafting. 10 Glass requires 50 Sand from Dazzle Beach and 10 Coal. 10 Fabric needs 50 Cotton, whose seeds are bought in Sunlit Plateau and then grown in the village. Lastly, 9 Tinkering Parts come from 6 iron ingots, requiring iron ore mining in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

With the backdrop built, Scrooge will prep a photo shoot on the third floor of Dream Castle. Players must visit this location with Stitch. The blue alien will place himself beside the backdrop while the player takes three photos of him. After that, Scrooge says he’ll need time to collect the sound equipment. Players won’t be able to continue the quest for another 24 hours.

Once the day passes, talk to Stitch and ask him to hang out. From there, players can collect the sound equipment from Scrooge. They will need to place it somewhere nice on Dazzle Beach. Make sure to take a great group photo to commemorate the band’s excellent performance!

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Talking to Stitch ends the quest and rewards “Stitch’s Little Red Ship” as furniture. Stitch has been a great inclusion in Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Toy Story update and will certainly spice up life in the village. While his Friendship Quests are complete, players can always enjoy having this cute little alien around.

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Source: YouTube Channel/GosuNoob

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