Bingo is a game that should be familiar to most people residing on planet earth. Indeed, it’s been around for hundreds of years and follows a pretty simple format.

Players are given cards with numbers on them which they then try to match with numbers randomly drawn and announced by a caller. The first person to do so wins – all rather simple really.

The game has blossomed online over the past decade with multiple variants now available to play including pattern, 75-ball and 90-ball games.

But despite the differences between versions, one thing remains the same or similar across each format: the bingo card itself.

Customized Bingo Play

Unfortunately, the simple grid-with-numbers bingo card isn’t ideal for those looking to escape the confines of traditional play.

This is why online bingo card generators have really started to gain traction online. These tools feature customisable cards comprising specific terms rather than numbers that relate to all kinds of categories, among them movies.

The only problem with most online generators is that the actual cards lack creative imagination. Most feature drab black-and-white backgrounds which are often devoid of thematic relevance.

Happily this isn’t the case with the online bingo card generator at Best New Bingo Sites. Our team designs bingo cards that look great and which align very closely to source material. We obviously don’t want to attract law-suits but we try to keep the visuals as on-point as we can. So how does movie bingo work?

Playing Movie Bingo with Best New Bingo Sites

Bingo actually lends itself extremely well to movie-watching. We’re not talking ‘clickety-click’ styled games here though.

This is a fully-customised experience in which the cards sport sophisticated designs, while the numbers are replaced with terms relating directly to the movie unfolding on-screen. Like the traditional game, the first person to mark off most or all of these terms wins.

Often, our bingo card terms will poke fun at franchises as well as highlighting some of the tropes and clichés that plague specific genres.

So for a movie such as Dune 2 you can expect to see garments blowing dramatically in the wind, frantic spacecraft escapes and at least one female character kicking a*s effortlessly. Incidentally, we’ve created a bingo card for this highly-anticipated flick:  

It’s actually a fun game that’s ideal for movie parties and binge sessions with friends and family. We should also mention that our bingo cards are printable but also playable online which means they’re well-suited to watch parties as well!

Create Your Own Movie Bingo Cards with Best New Bingo Sites

Users can also forgo our card designs and come up with their own, using our card generator template. It’s merely a case of choosing a title, selecting the grid-size and then uploading a design. Once complete, the player generates the card and invites friends to play. Given the flexibility of our tool, it’s possible to create a bingo card for any movie that you like.

Remember that the festive season isn’t just about giving and receiving gifts. It’s also about watching movies! What better way to enjoy a film than by playing movie bingo at Best New Bingo Sites.

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