Just days before the film launches, Incendo and Tubi have released the official trailer for “Terror Train 2” which hits the service on New Year’s Eve.

The project is a sequel to this past Halloween’s Tubi Original film which served as a modernized remake of the Jamie Lee Curtis-led and Roger Spottiswoode-directed 1980 horror classic “Terror Train”.

That film followed a group of pre-medical school students holding a costume party who are targeted by a killer onboard a moving train who steals their costumes after murdering some students to avoid being caught. It notably co-starred David Copperfield as a magician and potential suspect.

The remake stayed pretty close in terms of story, but switched up the identity of the killer. In “Terror Train 2,” it has been over a year since a series of gruesome murders took the lives of multiple college seniors aboard the now infamous train.

Alana (Robyn Alomar) is coerced to join The Magician (Tim Rozon) and other remaining survivors on a New Year’s Eve redemption ride aboard the very same train, and once again, the terrified passengers fight to survive.

Nadine Bhabha, Romy Weltman, Tori Barban​​​​​​​, Dakota Jamal Wellman​​​​​​​ and Matthew Villeneuve co-star. Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin (“Slasher”) return as the writers, as does director Philippe Gagnon (“Amber Alert”).

This was apparently shot in Montreal back-to-back with the remake. The Halloween-set first film scored a truly terrible 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, though it did score praise for Alomar’s performance.

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