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A trailer has arrived online for the upcoming action thriller The Stalking Fields, a new twist on the classic “humans hunting humans” Most Dangerous Game set-up. Gravitas Ventures is set to release The Stalking Fields on digital platforms as of January 17th, and you can check out the trailer in the embed above to help you decide whether or not this is a movie you’ll be adding to your viewing list.

The Stalking Fields marks the feature directorial debut of Army veteran Ric Maddox, who has racked up more than fifty acting credits over the last twenty years. Maddox was working from a screenplay written by first-time feature writers Sean Crampton and Jordan Wiseley, who crafted the following story: A group of civilians run for their freedom when they find themselves caught in the middle of a Black Ops program designed to cure PTSD.

Here’s an alternative synopsis: The military has a system in place for every contingency, including PTSD. They are not going to let their most effective “assets” be lost to a mental illness. The Stalking Fields is where the US government heals their investments back into killing machines.

It has been said that Crampton and Wiseley were drawing from personal experience as they wrote The Stalking Fields. They both “grew up in military families and felt it was important to make a film about the ramifications of PTSD.”

Crampton, whose previous acting credits include a role in The Debt Collector, also stars in the film, delivering what is said to be a breakthrough performance, alongside Taylor Kalupa (The Fix), Adam J. Harrington (The Little Things), Rachael Markarian (Tales of the Walking Dead), Richard O. Ryan (Come Out Fighting), and Wiseley (If Loving You Is Wrong). Maddox also has an acting role in the film.

The hope is that The Stalking Fields will be successful enough to kick off a franchise. So what did you think of the film’s trailer? Does this look like something you would want to watch – and possibly even see lead to sequels? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

The Stalking Fields

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