Gambit is one of the most unique and interesting cards players can use to build their decks in Marvel SNAP. Much like his comics counterpart, Gambit’s superpower in Marvel SNAP is all about card throwing, allowing the player to discard a random card from their hand to destroy one of their opponent’s cards. In addition, Gambit can prove extremely disruptive, allowing players to remove their opponent’s high-Power cards and seize a surprise victory. However, like all cards in Marvel SNAP, Gambit works best when players builds a deck of cards capable of synergizing with his unique ability.


Gambit synergizes particularly well with other excellent cards in Marvel SNAP’s Pool 3 and is best used in card decks focusing on Marvel SNAP’s Discard strategy. Discard-focused decks have a broad focus on players removing cards from their own hands and decks to build or boost the Power of other cards with special abilities. Unlike other cards whose main benefit to players is their high Power values, Gambit costs 3 Energy and only adds 1 Power in return. This means that Gambit should only be included in decks if his ability complements players’ own strategies and playstyles.

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How To Build A Gambit Deck In Marvel SNAP

Marvel SNAP Gambit Deck Featuring Blade, Morbius, Wave, Swarm, Colleen Wing, Lady Sif, Wong, Onslaught, Ghost Rider, Odin and Apocalypse

Deckbuilding in Marvel SNAP is perhaps the most important part of the game, with dozens of cards to choose from and only twelve slots for players to fill per deck. Therefore, players should aim to include cards with a wide variety of Energy costs, so they have cards to play on every turn. Here are some cards players should consider including in their decks that synergize well with Gambit:

  • Blade (1 Cost, 3 Power)
  • Morbius (2 Cost, 0 Power)
  • Swarm (2 Cost, 3 Power)
  • Colleen Wing (2 Cost, 4 Power)
  • Wave (3 Cost, 3 Power)
  • Lady Sif (3 Cost, 4 Power)
  • Wong (4 Cost, 2 Power)
  • Ghost Rider (4 Cost, 3 Power)
  • Onslaught (6 Cost, 6 Power)
  • Odin (6 Cost, 8 Power)
  • Apocalypse (6 Cost, 8 Power)

Creating Ammunition For Gambit: Blade, Colleen Wing And Swarm

Marvel SNAP Gambit Deck Blade, Swarm And Colleen Wing

This deck follows a similar strategy to a Discard card deck based on Apocalypse. Blade discards a random card from players’ hand when played, and Colleen Wing discards the lowest-cost card in the player’s hand. These will discard Swarm and trigger this card’s ability, giving players two copies of Swarm with 0 Cost. Swarm copies can then be used by Gambit to destroy the opponent’s cards. Gambit discards a card randomly, so making copies reduces the chances that he’ll accidentally discard high-Power cards as ammunition.

Triggering Gambit’s Ability: Wong, Onslaught, Odin And Wave

Marvel SNAP Gambit Deck Wong, Wave, Odin And Onslaught

To bring this deck on par with decks that include Galactus, players should play Gambit at the same locations as Wong and Onslaught. Wong’s Ongoing Ability doubles the On Reveal abilities of other cards, while Onslaught doubles the Ongoing abilities of other cards in turn. This allows players to destroy two or even four of their opponent’s cards. In addition, playing Odin triggers the On Reveal abilities of other cards at the same location, a solid addition that lets players trigger Gambit’s ability once Gambit has been played. By including Wave, who sets the cost of all cards to 4 in the following turn, the player creates an opportunity to play more than one of these high-cost cards.

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Building Power From Discards: Apocalypse, Morbius, And Lady Sif

Marvel SNAP Gambit Deck Lady Sif, Apocalypse And Morbius

To make this an even ruder Marvel SNAP strategy, players can include Apocalypse in their deck. Apocalypse returns to the player’s hand with a vengeance when discarded, gaining an additional 4 Power. This can be stacked, allowing Apocalypse to gain absurd amounts of Power. This gives players a high-Power card that they can use to secure vital locations to win the match.

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Lady Sif synergizes well with this strategy as her ability allows players to discard the highest-cost card from their hand. It’s likely that Apocalypse will have the highest cost assuming players have already placed Onslaught or Odin, so this can give Apocalypse a Power boost. It’s worth noting that players may need to level up quickly through Marvel SNAP to build this deck.

Morbius is something of a Discard deck staple and is practically an essential inclusion. With a low cost, Morbius gains Power solely from his ability, which gives him an extra 2 Power every time players discards one of their cards. The low cost of the Morbius card means players can place him at a location early on as a sleeper and gradually build his Power by discarding many cards. It’s worth noting that relying on Gambit’s destructive ability alone isn’t necessarily the best approach. Players should have at least a couple of high-Power cards up their sleeves if they need to grab a location.

Marvel SNAP Gambit Deck Ghost Rider

Collecting more cards in Marvel SNAP is key, and it’s possible that players might like to replace Ghost Rider in this deck with a card of their choosing. With 4 Cost and 3 Power, Ghost Rider isn’t a particularly strong card on his own. Instead, players might find his ability useful. When played, Ghost Rider summons one of the player’s previously discarded cards to his location. This has some utility, particularly if players have accidentally lost one of their most important cards to a random discard. As such, Ghost Rider offers some extra security, allowing players to recover a card if their game goes off-track.

However, players should carefully weigh their pros and cons when including Ghost Rider for the peace of mind he offers. Ultimately, the game rewards creative deckbuilding, and there’s no shortage of suitable replacements from Marvel SNAP’s new Token Shop players can include in their own unique strategies. As long as Gambit has a card to fire, he makes an excellent choice for any Marvel SNAP Discard deck.

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