It’s been a busy year for Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, but one series that had enough interesting and surprising moments to last a lifetime in 2022 was The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since 2010, the housewives of Beverly Hills have entertained viewers with their hefty amounts of conflict, unintentionally hilarious scenes, and lavish lifestyles. RHOBH season 12, which aired from May to October, featured original housewife Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and newcomer Diana Jenkins, with Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton and Sheree Zampino as part-time friends.


While the Real Housewives franchise has had a strong fanbase for over a decade, RHOBH season 12 dominated headlines for most of the year as one of the most controversial and dramatic seasons yet. In fact, while RHOBH is officially on pause, fans who think there will be an eventual RHOBH season 13 have been busy guessing who will return and who will get the ax. Although many Bravo viewers feel that several RHOBH stars let them down this year, there have also been some moments that impacted viewers more than any others. Here are some of the best moments that the Beverly Hills housewives delivered in 2022.

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When Sutton Stracke Brought Receipts (Literally) To Dinner

Although Sutton is a fan favorite housewife, she has continuously found herself at odds with Crystal, Lisa, and Erika since she joined the cast for RHOBH season 11. While Sutton sort-of made up with Crystal and Erika on RHOBH season 12, she was unable to come to an understanding with Lisa over tickets to Elton John’s annual charity gala. Sutton claimed that she bought Lisa and Harry Hamlin’s tickets to the event but wasn’t thanked, while Lisa claimed that Sutton canceled their table and owed her an apology. In a move that shocked Lisa and the rest of the housewives, Sutton responded to Lisa’s accusation at dinner by pulling out receipts which proved that Sutton did buy Lisa and Harry’s gala tickets. Although Lisa, Erika, and Diana branded Sutton as rude and immature, Lisa’s shocked Pikachu-meme face told Bravo viewers exactly who the liar was.

When Dorit Kemsley Was Starstruck By Jamie Lee Curtis

There have been a lot of famous guest stars on RHOBH (including Elton John), but no one received a bigger positive reception than when Jamie Lee Curtis appeared on RHOBH season 12. Jamie, who has known Kyle for decades and was briefly shown back on RHOBH season 4, made a cameo on RHOBH season 12 to promote her charity and the products it offered. While viewers at home loved seeing Jamie interact with the housewives, no one was more excited to be around Jamie than Dorit, who could barely keep it together and called every product Jamie presented “chic.” Despite all the criticism Dorit received throughout RHOBH season 12, fans couldn’t get over Dorit’s love for Jamie, especially after Jamie revealed that she renamed her charity due to Dorit’s enthusiasm at the RHOBH season 12 reunion. It turns out that even those in the entertainment business get starstruck by their favorite celebrities just like everyone else.

When Garcelle Beauvais Bought Her First Birkin Bag

Like Sutton, Garcelle has been a fan favorite housewife since her first appearance on RHOBH season 10. While other RHOBH stars like Erika and Kyle are unafraid to drop some serious cash on clothing and accessories, Garcelle made it clear throughout RHOBH season 12 that while she was in love with the idea of having a Hermès Birkin bag, she was reluctant to spend the thousands of dollars needed to own one. Understandably, Garcelle’s qualm resonated with RHOBH viewers who also wished for an expensive bag that they couldn’t afford, but hoped that Garcelle’s wish would come true. Near the end of RHOBH season 12, Garcelle hosted a “Birkin and Bubbles” party for her co-stars, and eventually made her dream a reality when she finally splurged and bought her first Birkin. As far as journeys that came full circle on RHOBH season 12, Garcelle’s was one of the best.

When Kathy Hilton & Lisa Rinna Finally Faced Off

Nothing dominated RHOBH this year like the dramatic feud between Kathy and Lisa, which was leaked to the press in early 2022. Although the heated moment unfortunately occurred off-camera, Lisa accused Kathy of an epic violent meltdown after a night out in Aspen, while Kathy alleged that Lisa exaggerated what really happened to amp up the drama on RHOBH and make herself look better. At the memorable RHOBH season 12 reunion in October, Kathy and Lisa finally came face-to-face to confront one another over the incident as Andy Cohen, the other housewives, and fans at home eagerly watched. Lisa called Kathy’s behavior “abusive,” and defended her own atrocious behavior throughout RHOBH season 12, while Kathy branded Lisa “the biggest bully in Hollywood.” As far as confrontations go, Lisa and Kathy’s showdown was one to remember across the entire franchise.

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When Erika Jayne Showed Her True Personality In Aspen

Although Kathy’s Aspen meltdown was the talk of the town, Erika threw multiple tantrums of her own throughout RHOBH season 12. Whenever Erika’s legal issues were brought up like on RHOBH season 11, Erika immediately became defensive and even implied that the victims of Tom Girardi’s embezzlement lawsuit were liars. While Kathy’s Aspen blowout wasn’t filmed, Erika’s was captured from start to finish and quickly turned any remaining RHOBH season 12 viewers who had sympathy against her. When Crystal, Dorit, and Kyle told Erika she should be more sympathetic to the victims, Erika yelled, cursed, and eventually stormed out of Kyle’s rental home in anger. Although Erika’s meltdown isn’t funny or entertaining like some of the previous mentions, it was one of the best moments of RHOBH season 12 because it showed viewers a glimpse of what Erika is truly thinking behind her stoic persona.

When Dorit Kemsley’s Charity Confused The Housewives

While Jamie’s charity had a clear name and message on RHOBH season 12, the same couldn’t be said for Dorit’s non-profit, Homeless Not Toothless. Despite Dorit’s passion behind the charity and its commendable purpose of providing free dental care to those in need, the housewives couldn’t remember the name Homeless Not Toothless for the life of them. After Kathy accidently called the charity “Toothless And Homeless,” Kyle tried to correct her sister…only to also get the name of the charity wrong. Despite Dorit’s clear offense to the matter, the housewives couldn’t stop laughing, and when Bravo’s producers asked the ladies to repeat the name in their respective confessionals, no one could do it. “They should maybe rename that organization,” Sutton politely suggested as the hilarious cherry on top. Although fans are relieved that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 is over, Homeless Not Toothless’ complicated name was a short-lived breath of fresh air.

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