It’s been a tumultuous year for Twitter, but just as the end of 2022 rolls into sight, the social media giant has once again provided an interaction you simply wouldn’t see anywhere else. Yesterday, self-described internet misogynist Andrew Tate decided to pick a fight with climate activist Greta Thunberg, tagging her in a tweet boasting about his 33 cars and asking for her email address so he can send her more details.

Her response should remind us all that teenagers are absolutely merciless:

Tate responded with a spluttering “How dare you?!” and has since released a video of him in a truly godawful shirt puffing away on a cigar in an attempt to restore his shattered credibility. This sees him repeatedly insisting that he’s not mad (please don’t put in the newspaper that I got mad). Naturally, #smalldickenergy is now trending as Tate gets dunked on:

As it shall be forevermore:

A series of unfortunate decisions:

Stick a fork in him, he’s done:

Well it’s nice to leave 2022 on something of a high note:

From this day forward, it seems inevitable that Andrew Tate will be forever identified with #smalldickenergy. Let’s face it, boasting about your car collection, disastrously failing to antagonize a teenager, and posting a video in Glass Onion cosplay saying that actually you’re totally not mad about this and it’s actually good that the world is laughing at you is basically the definition of the term.

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