The Star Wars franchise got a much-needed shot in the arm thanks to the critical success of Andor. Along with the hype for Honor Among Thieves, people want to roleplay as their favorite Star Wars characters in Dungeons and Dragons. It should be noted that there are two other great TTRPGs for consideration outside of modern 5e.

First, Scum and Villainy is a great game for those who prefer the rogueish misadventures of Han Solo. There’s also the fanmade Star Wars 5e system for accuracy. Still, some want to build their characters in the familiar confines of the Forgotten Realms.


Mon Mothma – Eloquence Bard 20


Mon Mothma may have had a relatively small role in the Original Trilogy, but as Andor shows, she’s an essential pillar of the Rebellion’s power structure. It is through her diplomatic skills and connections that the Rebellion can fund its war against the Empire. As expected of such a role, Mon Mothma is a master of social situations. A Variant Human Eloquence Bard with the Inspiring Leader feat perfectly captures this. The temporary HP boost from the feat is fantastic.

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Silver Tongue is an early game Reliable Talent for the two most important social abilities, Persuasion, and Charisma. This ensures Mon Mothma never stumbles in her words. Unsettling Words is Mon Mothma making people doubt their confidence in themselves. Unfailing Inspiration allows creatures to keep their Bardic Inspiration die. Universal Speech reflects Mon Mothma’s vast knowledge. Infectious Inspiration spreads her influence even further.

Luke Skywalker – Psi Warrior 18/Rogue 2

Luke Skywalker and Death Star II in Star Wars

Starting off with the man himself, Luke Skywalker is a simple enough build in 5e. The Commoner background on Variant Human, with the Telekinetic feat, is a good start. For the class, Psi Warrior up to Level 18 covers the Force abilities of Luke quite well. The two levels of Rogue taken early on mostly reflect his surprisingly cunning side. Cunning Action showcases his adaptability.

Expertise would go towards Stealth, seeing as he was able to infiltrate Jabba’s palace by himself. Psionic Power, Telekinetic Adept, Guarded Mind, and Bulwark of Forcer all use “Force”-like maneuvers. Telekinetic Master is the most powerful feature, as it allows Luke to use the Telekinesis spell as long as they have Psionic Energy die to use, and the ability to weapon attack as a bonus action while concentrating on the spell.

Princess Leia – College of Valor Bard 17/Mastermind Rogue 3

Princes Leia, Darth Vader and Death Star together

As a noble representing Alderaan, Leia has plenty of experience as a diplomat. So yes, the Noble background works best here. College of Valor perfectly fits the woman whose most famous quote is about hope. Meanwhile, Mastermind Rogue showcases her tactical acumen, which eventually gains her the position of General within the Rebellion.

Valor Bard grants Leia the ability to bolster the damage of her allies in battle. She can also grant them bonus AC against attacks after seeing a roll, but before knowing it’s a hit. When combined with Mastermind Rogue’s Help bonus action, allies around Leia are sure to succeed in whatever action they choose to take.

Han Solo – Scout Rogue 20

Han Solo with a blaster in Star Wars

Han Solo is known as one of the most smugglers in the galaxy. Since there are no spaceships in 5e (well, usually), Variant Human Sailor would best fit Han Solo’s background. He’s a slippery rogue, always managing to avoid capture. When his enemies do catch up to him, Han always manages to shoot first. Scout Rogue perfectly encapsulates all of this.

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The Skirmisher and Superior Mobility features make Han Solo very hard to pin down. The Alert feat is also a must. He immediately shot Greedo and was quick on the draw against Vader in the dining room scene. Ambush Master and Sudden Strike are just more ways for Han to dish out the offense sneakily. More importantly, to do so before the other guy starts shooting.

Chewbacca – Thief Rogue 3/Champion Fighter 17

Chewbacca, Ponda Baba, and Evazan in Star Wars

Chewbacca is Han Solo’s ever-reliable Wookie companion. As a smuggler, a Bugbear Thief Rogue would best reflect Chewie’s background. Second-Story Work fits Chewbacca, as the Holiday Special and Revenge of the Sith confirm Wookies are skilled tree climbers. Expertise should be put towards Intimidation, as nobody wants to make a Wookie angry.

The feature of Remarkable Athlete from Champion and Powerful Build from Bugbear reflects his incredible strength. Improved and Superior Critical fits whether it’s on his heavy crossbow or just clubbing someone with his fists. As for feats, Lucky would fit Chewie pretty well, seeing as he’s the only one of between Han, Leia, and Luke to escape physically unscathed from any of the movies. It also happens to be very good for crit fishing.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Spirits Bard 20

Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars A New Hope

Obi-Wan Kenobi is far from the Jedi master he was during the Clone Wars. Gone is the man who would flip around the battlefield and go toe-to-toe with an empowered Anakin Skywalker. At this point, he’s a man who only has stories of times gone by. Spirits Bard perfectly represents the current state that Obi-Wan is in, alongside the Telekinetic feat. To evoke his iconic mind trick, Charm Person, Command, and Friends are good spells to have on hand.

The spirits are just Obi-Wan communing with his Jedi brethren on the other side. Through them, he is empowered. He passes these teachings on to his student, Luke Skywalker. Tales from Beyond and Spirit Session perfectly reflect this. After all, one could easily flavor the ghostly form of Obi-Wan saying “Use the Force, Luke” as Bardic Inspiration.

Yoda – Graviturgy Wizard 20

star wars jedi yoda is a hero

At this point, Yoda’s no longer the deadly ball of green fury he was. Still, just because he’s stopped using his lightsaber doesn’t mean he’s any less dangerous. If anything, his attunement to the Force has become stronger than ever. To reflect his total control over telekinesis, Graviturgy Wizard with the Telekinetic feat works best. Forest Gnome fits the pint-sized Jedi master for race.

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Gravity Well, Violent Attraction and Event Horizon can easily be flavored as different brands of Force manipulation. The 7th-level spell “Reverse Gravity” should cover Yoda’s most impressive feats of telekinesis. Other spells such as Telekinesis, Gravity Sinkhole, and Levitate are also-must haves. Since there are a lot of concentration spells and features here, make sure to pick up the War Caster feat.

Boba Fett – Assassin Rogue 3/Artillerist Artificer 17

star wars luke skywalker wormie boba fett

Boba Fett is the first and most iconic Mandalorian seen in the Star Wars franchise. Although he doesn’t do much in the movies, the comics and books have done a great job of expanding his arsenal. Assassin Rogue is self-explanatory, as it allows Boba Fett to get the jump on his targets and deal massive damage. The Alert feat is great to pick up, to further power this Assassin style.

The rest of the levels go towards Artillerist. The Eldritch Cannon and Arcane Firearm are just blasters, rockets, and flamethrowers. A focus on Evocation spells such as Firebolt, Fireball, Scorching Ray, and Thunderwave should be given priority. For infusions, Boba Fett’s boots should be given the Boots of Flying effect to simulate Boba’s jetpack.

Emperor Palpatine – Eloquence Bard 5/Storm Sorcerer 15

Emperor Palpatine Cover Secrets of the Sith

Emperor Palpatine is no longer the Sheev he once was by the time of Return of the Jedi, but he’s still plenty powerful. Eloquence Bard lets him do his iconic brand of unsettling the people around him and making them doubt their motivations. Unsettling Words and Silver Tongue are how he managed to overthrow the Senate after all.

Meanwhile, Storm Sorcerer represents his bread-and-butter Force power at this point: Force Lightning. Evocation Spells such as Shocking Grasp, Lightning Lure, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, and Storm Sphere are a must. Heart of the Storm and Storm’s Fury is the core features here, as it dishes out lightning damage. As for feats, Metamagic Adept lets Palpatine’s lightning be even deadlier and more versatile.

Darth Vader – Oathbreaker Paladin 8/Aberrant Mind Sorcerer 12

Darth Vader Great New Quote

Darth Vader, once touted as one of the most powerful and heroic Jedi during the Clone Wars, broke his oath to the Jedi Order by falling for Darth Sidious’ machinations. Oathbreaker Paladins are fueled by hate, so potent that it frightens those in their presence. There’s no mistaking Vader as anything but a vicious mass murderer. Aberrant Mind, on the other hand, reflects his unstable Force powers. ASIs should be focused on Strength and Charisma.

The Sorcadin multiclass is a potent combination, and the smites could easily be flavored as Vader’s hate-fueled strikes. It’s important to start as a Paladin first because it allows Darth Vader to wear heavy armor. Aura of Hate boosts Vader’s strikes with hatred (added by Charisma modifier). Meanwhile, Psionic Sorcery gives Vader access to the important Force powers. Psychic Defenses reflect Vader’s steely will against even the strongest of Force users.

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