With the M13B’s no-recoil loadout, players can dominate the battle by shooting their targets with exceptional accuracy in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

One firearm that Warzone 2 combatants are encouraged not to miss out on using this season is the M13B, an Assault Rifle that can potentially have a “no-recoil” build with the right loadout. Compared to other ARs in Call of Duty, the M13B does not possess superior Damage output. However, its high Fire Rate, excellent Recoil Control, and deadly Accuracy turn it into a killing machine when equipped with certain attachments. This AR’s primary downside is its lack of Range, meaning that users will need to engage in gunfights at close to medium ranges.


When selecting a Perk Package for the M13B Assault Rifle’s loadout in Warzone 2, players are advised to pick the Specter Package for stealthy approaches to combat. This package’s Double Time, Tracker, and Ghost Perks combine well with the M13B’s decent Mobility and Handling. Since M13B users will be equipped with Ghost, equipping a lightweight secondary, such as the X 13 Auto, would be ideal. The Semtex Lethal and Stun Grenade Tactical are great equipment options for engaging enemy targets or fleeing tight situations when wielding the M13B in Warzone 2.

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Best Attachments For The M13B AR in Warzone 2

Killing an Opponents with M13B No Recoil Loadout in Warzone 2 Season 1

As for the M13B attachment setup in Warzone 2, players are encouraged to select mods that improve the weapon’s Damage, Range, Recoil Control, and Accuracy. Mobility and Handling might be reduced, but the gun’s solid recoil should compensate for this downside. Youtube creator Metaphor has devised the perfect attachment setup for a zero-recoil loadout for Warzone 2‘s M13B Assault Rifle:




Pros & Cons


Harbinger D20

This tactical suppressor possesses a heat cover, which keeps shots, smoothes recoil, and offers more damage.

  • Improves: Sound Suppression, Bullet Velocity, Damage Range, and Recoil Smoothness
  • Impairs: Aim Down Sight Speed, Aiming Stability, and Aim Walking Speed


5.56 High Velocity

The tapered rounds of this ammunition type are designed to increase bullet velocity.

  • Improves: Bullet Velocity
  • Impairs: Damage Range


60 Round Mag

This magazine increases ammo capacity at the cost of user agility and ADS Speed.

  • Improves: Magazine Ammo Capacity
  • Impairs: Aim Down Sight Speed, Movement Speed, Sprint to Fire Speed, and Reload Quickness


Bruen R90 Factory

This stock increase movement speed and recoil control.


Cronen Mini Pro

This sight helps players spot targets quickly, thanks to its near-perfect sight picture and unobstructed view.

  • Features: Precision Sight Picture
  • Impairs: Aim Down Sight Speed

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Source: YouTube/Metaphor

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