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When Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis announced that he would be developing Wolf Pack, some naturally assumed that the new werewolf series would have some connection to his previous show, but that’s not the case.

I know that everybody gets confused by it, but I always say, ‘Nobody thinks Twilight is in the same universe as Interview With The Vampire,’” Jeff Davis told SFX Magazine. “There can be two werewolf shows that exist in separate spaces. It’s funny because one of the things we did was consciously try and do things differently with Wolf Pack.” As for how Wolf Pack will be different from Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis said that he wanted “to do something more adult, a little bit extreme in places. Not necessarily darker, but a little more sophisticated in terms of themes. Teen Wolf was very comic book. It had a real sense of humor… not that Wolf Pack doesn’t have a sense of humor, but it’s not as comedic as Teen Wolf.


Based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom, Wolf Pack revolves around “a teenage boy, Everett, and girl, Blake, whose lives are forever changed when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Wounded in the chaos of its attack, the teens are inexplicably drawn to each other and to two others, fraternal twins Harlan and Luna, who were adopted sixteen years earlier by a park ranger after another mysterious wildfire. As the full moon rises, all four teens come together to unravel the secret that connects them – the bite and blood of a werewolf.” Sarah Michelle Gellar will star as arson investigator Kristin Ramsey. A highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to personal loss, Kristin is brought in by authorities to catch the teenage arsonist who started a massive wildfire which may have also led to the reawakening of a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angeles. In addition to starring in Wolf Pack, Sarah Michelle Gellar will also executive produce the series.

Landing Sarah Michelle Gellar was a major deal for Jeff Davis, who was surprised that she even agreed to come on board. “The conversations were me saying, ‘Sarah Michelle Gellar? We are never going to get Sarah Michelle Gellar,’” Davis said. “‘She hasn’t done a show like this in years. There is no way she’s going to jump into this again knowing the legacy of Buffy and that she was the star of one of the best genre shows ever.’ Then we met and we clicked. She really liked the script. I’m just as surprised as anybody else that she said yes.Wolf Pack will debut on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023, which also happens to be the premiere of Teen Wolf: The Movie.


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