The latest image from Netflix’s Shadow and Bone season 2 reveals the return of Genya Safin, and she looks quite upset as she speaks to the Queen.

A new image from Shadow and Bone season 2 reveals the return of fan favorite character Genya Safin (Daisy Head). The fantasy series is an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling Grishaverse novels, including the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology. Season 1 premiered last year, with season 2 set to release on March 16, 2023. Shadow and Bone will continue to follow the story of the Sun Summoner Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) as she continues to battle the enigmatic General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), while also tackling the more heist-focused storylines of Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) and his Crows.


The new image from TVLine shows the Grisha tailor Genya looking visibly distressed as she stands before the Queen of Ravka. This is the first look that has been revealed of Genya or the Queen from Shadow and Bone season 2. The nature of how Genya returns to the story and the tense, palpable emotions between her and the Queen in this image already raises many intriguing questions about what the series has in store this time around. Check it out below:

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Queen of Ravka and Genya in Shadow and Bone season 2

What’s Next For Genya In Netflix’s Shadow & Bone

An image of Genya looking concerned in Shadow & Bone

When viewers last saw Genya, it was after learning that she poisoned the King of Ravka, a move that helped her get her long-awaited revenge after being abused by the King for years. It also helped Genya and the recently scarred Darkling grow more powerful. The new Shadow and Bone image teases that the Queen of Ravka is likely no longer in quarantine for fear of catching her husband’s “sickness.” She may now know the truth of what Genya did, which would explain her stern expression and Genya’s visible distress. Genya may also be upset due to the Queen telling her what the Darkling did at the end of Shadow and Bone season 1.

Genya admitted to Alina that she is a spy and soldier for the Darkling, she approves of the lengths he’ll go to protect Grisha, and that this comes before their friendship. However, Genya may not feel this way after learning the full extent of what the Darkling did to Alina and what he plans to do now with his new army of deadly creatures from the Shadow Fold. Genya’s loyalties will be torn between Alina and the Darkling in Shadow and Bone season 2, especially after learning what happened between them in the Shadow Fold, and even more so if the truth of what Genya did to the King is discovered.

Audiences will only need to wait a few more months to see the full story of what is next for Genya and the rest of the characters in the Grishaverse. Shadow and Bone season 2 will make a lot of changes to Alina and the Crows’ stories, which means that even those who’ve read Bardugo’s novels don’t know everything that is coming. If the main characters’ stories are changing and being condensed from the books in certain ways, Genya’s story will likely be impacted as well. At least fans know that Genya will be back ib Shadow and Bone season 2 and will remain an important part of the overarching story.

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