With winter break upon us. time indoors (and often centered around a television) increases. What better way to decompress from the busy, high-tension holiday season than to sit back and binge a teen comedy series? Within the past few years, teen comedies have been monumentally more popular.

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Additionally, the golden age of streaming is upon the entertainment industry in its full glory, so new content is abundant. Like always, though, there are some gems that everyone should try binge-watching during the holiday break.

‘Dash & Lily’ (2020)

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Dash & Lily is a Holiday-themed rom-com series that was produced and is available to stream on Netflix. The series follows the two characters in the title, Dash and Lily, as they slowly fall for each other while trading messages and dares in a notebook all over New York City.

Their main love language, per se, is trading messages and dares in a notebook around different locations in New York City. Dash & Lily is perfect for the wintertime—the whole series is set in winter in one of the greatest cities in the world. There’s also a fair amount of humor in the show as well, making it a very lighthearted watch.

‘Outer Banks’ (2020-)

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Outer Banks is a teen action-adventure mystery series available to stream on Netflix. The show took over the world when it was released during the early stages of the pandemic, and fans across the world still love to watch the series. Outer Banks follows a group of Pogues (working-class locals who do not benefit from the class divide) who venture to uncover the mystery of the missing father of the group’s leader.

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Oh, not to mention there’s also a hidden treasure. While Outer Banks has more dramatic elements than comedic ones, there are some comedic and viral moments from the show that viewers will most surely recognize.

‘Never Have I Ever’ (2020)

Image via Netflix

Never Have I Ever is a romantic comedy-drama series created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. The series follows an Indian-American high school student named Devi who is dealing with the sudden death of her father. Love, grief, and the pressures of high school all come into play in this absolutely hilarious series.

Never Have I Ever is the perfect watch for anyone looking for that classic high school series with a new twist. The series also is so important for South Asian representation in film and television and is such a groundbreaking watch.

‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ (2021-)

Alyah Chanelle Scott, Amrit Kaur, Renee Rapp and Pauline Chalamet in 'The Sex Lives of College Girls'

The Sex Lives of College Girls is a teen comedy series created by Kaling and Justin Noble. The series follows the lives of four 18-year-old freshmen girls (who are roommates as well) as they attend the prestigious Essex College in Vermont. Each has their own ambitions, including writing comedy, joining clubs, making friends, and dating.

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This show is genuinely a hilarious watch and is perfect for those in need of a raunchier watch. Additionally, the show features an all-female-identifying main cast and tackles some pretty important conversations in a uniquely humorous way.

‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ (2020-)

Image via Disney+

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is Disney+ original mockumentary musical series inspired by the classic High School Musical franchise. The series follows a group of students who put on shows (the first being High School Musical: The Musical) at a fictionalized version of East High.

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Drama (both on and offstage), love, and life get in the way for these students. The first season is a really strong watch, and others have other Disney musicals. The cast is incredible, including Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sofia Wylie. Fans of the classic Disney franchise will just adore High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

‘Atypical’ (2017-2021)

Keir Gilchrist in Atypical
Image via Netflix

Atypical is a comedy-drama series that is available to stream on Netflix. The series focuses on the life of 18-year-old Sam Gardner, who is on the autism spectrum. The show has had a successful 4 seasons.

This show was a bit groundbreaking because there aren’t many characters that are openly on the autism spectrum in mainstream media. The show received very positive reviews and is absolutely worth the watch for anyone looking for a show that is a bit off the beaten path.

‘GLEE’ (2009-2015)


The famous GLEE series will go down in history as making its mark on the entertainment industry and even American culture. GLEE is a musical comedy-drama series created by Ryan Murphy, and follows the students who are apart of the glee club at William McKinley High School.

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The show featured different popular songs in various genres covered in elaborate numbers on each episode, and quickly gained popularity. The series included stars like Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Amber Riley, and Chris Colfer as some members of the mega-talented ensemble cast. This series is a bit longer than the others but is absolutely worth watching.

‘Derry Girls’ (2018-)

Image via Channel 4/Netflix

Derry Girls is a British teen sitcom streaming on Netflix that is set in Derry, Northern Ireland. The series follows 5 teenagers as they attend a fictional girls’ Catholic secondary school named Our Lady Immaculate College in the mid-1990s.

Derry Girls is absolutely hysterical, even while tackling subjects like The Troubles in Northern Ireland. For anyone who may be a fan of British humor who wants to watch a modern-feeling show, Derry Girls is the best option.

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