The abbreviation for virtual YouTubers is vibing. The owner of the YouTube channel remains anonymous here. On behalf of the YouTuber, a 3D or 2D avatar will appear in live streams or recorded content.

As a result, this is a high-tech concept for streaming entertainment content using software like motion detectors, speech-to-speech converters, and 3D animators.

When you use tubing, all of your actions on a YouTube live stream will be carried out by an animated avatar. For instance, acting, speaking, and greeting using a robot or cartoon character rather than your face.

Since Asians have adopted vtuber model, specifically Japanese YouTubers, for a long time, anime avatars are the most popular virtual anchors. However, other avatar characters, such as 3D models inspired by Pixar, are also emerging now that Westerns have joined the game.

vTubing: The Creation of Content in the Future

vTuibing is expanding quickly! It started on YouTube and has since spread to Twitch, Facebook, and other platforms. Bloomberg reports that tubing content on Twitch increased by 467 percent between 2020 and 2021.

In 2020, the facial motion capture technology company Hypersense reported 170 virtual celebrities, up from 112 in that year. The number of people who subscribe to these tubers has also increased by up to 20% for some of them.

Kellogg, a well-known cereal manufacturer, entered the tubing market and fueled the expansion. To promote its products through tubers, the company has partnered with Twitch.

Dentsu Creative Singapore, Pacsun, and other brands have expanded their advantage in working with virtual powerhouses or tubers.

Utilization of Technology 

For conventional live streaming on Twitch or YouTube, all you need is broadcasting software, a budget microphone, and a webcam.

On the other hand, tubing requires a lot of high-tech gadgets and technologies. A simplified list is as follows:

An Ultraleap controller to track body movements An industry-standard visual tracker for the iPhone 10 or later A October avatar rigging software Mouth expression phonemes A speech-to-speech conversion software.

Live3D is the best VTuber software suite for becoming a VTuber. With VTuber Maker, you can create engaging animations and fun VTuber avatars.

Over a million YouTubers, streamers, artists, and Vloggers have benefited from Live3D’s services. You can learn how to become a Vtuber and create an avatar by using the entire Vtuber software suite, which includes Vtuber maker, Vtuber editor, and Vtuber Gallery.

vTubing works by transmitting your signals to a 3D model that can perform the same actions as you do in a live stream.

To record your movements, you can use a variety of tools. Take, for instance, an iPhone equipped with an Ultraleap controller and a Lidar sensor. You could also use a good web camera with motion-sensing technology.

The next piece of software is called vtuber asset, which can help you rig and set up your virtual avatar. You can use anime, 3D, 2D, Pixar-style models, and so on. as the avatar of your broadcast anchor.

The Viber software supports several keyboard shortcuts that can be used to create facial expressions. Alternatively, you can make use of keyboards that generate facial expressions.

Speech conversion AIs also operate behind the senses to provide maximum concealment.

Finally, you connect all of these devices to a broadcasting app to live stream or upload recorded content to YouTube or Twitch.

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