Editor’s note: The below contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin.Despite having only four episodes, The Witcher: Blood Origin covers a lot of ground when it comes to exploring the Continent’s history. The series reveals the origins of the Golden Empire, follows the heroes who topple the tyrants who ruled the lands, shows how the first Witcher prototype was created, and, most importantly, explains what the Conjunction of the Spheres is. The Conjunction might be the most important event in the Continent’s history, as it merged different dimensions and brought humans and monsters to the lands that belonged to Elves and Dwarves. So, a series that takes us back to this moment is nothing short of exciting.

In Andrzej Sapkowski’s original The Witcher series of books and in the games developed by CD Projekt Red, the Conjunction of the Spheres marks the moment when the Continent begins to the ravaged by monsters. Consequently, the order of the Witchers is created to slay these devious creatures and protect the Continent’s people. However, neither books nor games delve too deep into the Conjunction of the Spheres. That changes with The Witcher: Blood Origin, which expands the original lore to explain in detail how the event happened.

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The Golden Empire and the Monoliths

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Before the events of The Witcher: Blood Origin, a mage named Syndrill (Zach Wyatt) discovered ancient Monoliths buried all over the kingdom of Xin’trea. Dwarves buried these Monoliths to fertilize the soil long before Elven conquerors came to the Continent, but Syndrill realized he could use its magical properties for other goals. During his research, Syndrill discovers the Monoliths can act as portals to different dimensions, allowing mages to create gateways that will lead Elves to explore new worlds.

When Syndrill finally crossed a gateway, he found nothing but a barren land that emanates Chaos Energy. So, he decided it was too dangerous to continue his research. Unfortunately, Syndrill was not alone during the excursion, as a mage named Balor (Lenny Henry) helped him with the investigation. Contrary to Syndrill, Balor is convinced these new worlds must be explored at all costs since they guard the secrets to god-like powers. Balor’s hunger for power is so great he even starts to communicate with an incorporeal spirit he finds in the barren dimension, which teaches the mage how to control monsters.

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Balor plans a coup to wipe out the monarchs and defenders of the three great Elven kingdoms of the Continent, giving birth to the Golden Empire as a way to unify the lands. After the Golden Empire is established, Balor orders the excavation of every Monolith buried in the Continent to create a network of portals that can drain new energy sources from distant dimensions.

The series follows the Seven, a band of heroes who join forces to defeat the Golden Empire and kill the people behind the coup. Part of the Seven’s goal is to destroy the main Monolith located in the palace of Xin’trea to prevent weird energies to keep changing the Continent’s environment, a side effect of Balor’s endeavors that puts all life at risk. As for Balor, the mysterious entity in the barren lands teach him to channel Chaos Magic, making him the most powerful mage on the Continent. The fight between the Seven and Balor leads to the Conjunction of the Spheres, setting the course for the Witchers’ emergence on the Continent.

The Conjunction of the Spheres

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After the Seven invade Xin’trea, Syndrill and his celestial sister Zacaré (Lizzie Annis) are tasked with destroying the city’s Monolith. Unfortunately, Balor is ready to defend the interdimensional gate with his Chaos Magic. Knowing they cannot beat Balor, Zacaré binds Syndrill and Balor together so that her brother can use the strength of two mages to shatter the Monolith. Syndrill is successful in his mission, even though he dies with Balor once the massive structure falls.

While Syndrill’s sacrifice prevents Balor or any other person from extensively using the Monoliths, the shattering also has dangerous consequences. For a brief moment, multiple dimensions converge at the same point in space and time, pulling creatures from one world into another. As a result, humans and monsters come to the Continent, defining the geopolitics of the lands for the next millennium. That’s what the Conjunction of the Spheres is all about, the momentary junction of multiple dimensions.

Without the Conjunction of the Spheres, there would be no Witchers on the Continent, and Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) would never become the White Wolf. So, despite being short and sometimes rushed, Blood Origin delves deep into The Witcher mythology to give an origin story to one of the most critical historical events of the Continent that defines the world as it is in the present timeline.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is available now on Netflix.

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