If you have a weak computer but want to play exciting games on it – everything is solvable! In our top, you can find a simulator for all tastes and with low technical requirements.

The most popular simulators for weak computers

This article will find the best simulators for computers and laptops with weak configurations.

We have collected the best simulators for weak PC in different directions. If Real Money Gambling Apps is your choice, the linked article will interest you. 

In our list of simulators, you can see these types:

  • Construction;
  • Transport;
  • Sports and others. 


City building simulator and sandbox from Maxis. The player is invited to create a virtual town and watch its development. In the game, it is easy to get confused – you need to control industry, raise citizens’ standard of living, fight crime and pray that the city is not in the epicentre of natural disasters.

In SimCity, there is no specific goal – the gamer is engaged in the city’s development until he gets bored. Gameplay mechanics abound, and multiplayer appeared in the latest part (at the time of writing), allowing users to team up or compete with each other.


Tropico is an El Presidente simulator! Yes, as strange as it may sound, you will play the role of a dictator who leads an entire island (or archipelago).

You’ll be in charge of construction, the economy, and, most importantly, fulfilling the needs of the citizens. You can be a good president and make concessions to everyone, or you can take the role of a tyrant and dictator. However, in the latter case, you will experience the wrath of ordinary citizens.

The gameplay is quite diverse. You will have to manage different areas (industry, economy, production, medicine and so on) and deal with unforeseen situations (such as natural disasters).

Traffic Giant

In Traffic Giant, you will take on the development of the city. The main emphasis in the simulator is on the transport infrastructure. So, under your control will be the bus parks, subway and railway infrastructure.

The gameplay of Traffic Giant focuses on forming a working transport connection within the city. The main tasks will be to maintain traffic and fight traffic jams or lack of routes. In the latter case, residents may express dissatisfaction, hurting progress.

You will have two and a half dozen types of transport and five hundred objects with the ability to interact. Traffic Giant has been re-released, considering modern systems’ requirements, but maintaining low hardware requirements. Therefore, you can enjoy the game and create a comfortable design metropolis.

Train Fever

Train Fever is a simulator that puts you in charge of a transportation company and starts to develop it to turn it into an empire. A century and a half of industry history, beginning in the 1850s, is at your disposal.

Train Fever gameplay is “confined” to the construction of landlines, including train lines, streetcars and bus routes. In this case, a specific task for the user is not set because the goal is determined independently. However, if you want to test yourself on 256 square kilometres of the map with randomly generated settlements and rugged terrain, Train Fever will challenge you.


The NBA 2K game series has over 20 projects. Of course, the latest instalments won’t go on weak computers, but it’s no secret that games stay mostly the same over the years. Graphics and system requirements are improving, but the gameplay, which gamers come for, undergoes minor changes.

In NBA 2K, you have to build your career in the sport. Various modes are present, from the single-player campaign (job) to multiplayer matches. You can create your character and pump him up or manage an existing team (with the games, you can participate in person). What tactics to choose and whether they will lead you to victory – it’s up to you!


Similar to the NBA 2K series but dedicated to soccer. Every year the game is released on all popular platforms, changing the number in the title, but if your computer can only play old parts, don’t worry – you won’t lose much. In FIFA, you can fulfil your dream (if it is connected to soccer) and build a virtual career as an athlete.

Create your team or choose a ready-made one and participate in numerous matches. You can personally control the players from a bird’s eye view and drive the ball, give passes and score goals. FIFA is the most successful and authentic soccer simulator, and if you are passionate about this sport and need to learn about this series, why do you still need to install the game?

Blood Bowl

Imagine what would happen if the fantasy creatures from the Warhammer universe came to American soccer – the already brutal sport would become much bloodier. It was the main idea of the Blood Bowl series, where your team of humans, dwarves, elves, goblins, and other creatures will have to play by the rules of the famous game, but no one prevents you from trampling your opponent into the ground.

And this is not the last feature – so, in a sports simulator, you are unlikely to encounter a turn-based matchmaking system; well, multiplayer will allow you to have fun with friends.

Plague Inc: Evolved

Solitaire made its debut on mobile platforms, but thanks to the success of its users, it also made its way to the PC. In it, the gamer acts as the creator of the deadly virus. Aim to infect all the people on the planet and destroy humanity. Victory comes only when the last person dies.

You can choose a variety of viruses and start an epidemic from any country in the world. Gradually there will be more infected, and the disease will mutate (analogue of pumping). However, it is more complex – people can quickly invent a cure. Try to play – you can not come off!

Game Dev Tycoon

Simulation game developer. Do you think it’s easy to create high-quality game projects? Unfortunately, we’re going to have to disappoint you!

In Game Dev Tycoon, you will develop your games in different genres (sorry, but you can’t play them). In the beginning, you will face a challenging path – a weak computer, no team, low budget. However, as soon as you release your first project – there will be money to spend on the creation and development of the game industry.

The larger the scale of the project – the greater the responsibility. It is necessary to take care about “polishing” the game, as well as the advertising. And most importantly – take customer feedback into account, or they will turn away from you!

Tennis Story

Tennis Story is a free tennis simulation in which you take control of a young athlete. In addition to playing on the court, you will have the chance to take part in the twists and turns of the story and meet the other characters. The beautiful graphics, the simple control and the pleasant environment, are sure to please the user.

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