Even with the festive season grinding the world to a halt in favor of much mirth, celebration, and way too much food, there’s still been plenty of fascinating insights into the Marvel Cinematic Universe making the rounds to ensure the wheels keep on turning.

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 3 factor heavily into today’s bout of fact, fiction, rumor, speculation, and revelation, while the uncertainty surrounding the franchise’s resident band of immortal intergalactic interlopers has been subject to a take that could generously be described as spicy.

Kevin Feige accused of forcing the movie with no sequel or spinoffs down our collective throats

via Marvel Studios

The more time passes, the higher the chances of Eternals being a rare one-and-done effort from the MCU begin to increase, with over a year elapsing since the epic space opera became the only one of the superhero saga’s 30 feature films to end up on the wrong side of the Rotten Tomatoes aggregation scale.

And yet, thanks to an entirely unconfirmed rumor tying the half-emerged Tiamut to Thunderbolts, Captain America: New World Order, and the X-Men, an incendiary take from a disgruntled fan has come to the conclusion that the company’s chief creative officer Kevin Feige is trying to force the Eternals into canon in much the same way as Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam tried and failed to change the hierarchy of power in the DCU – even though we’ve got no idea if, when, how, and/or why they’ll return.

Ryan Reynolds will not stand for Deadpool being banished from Christmas canon

once upon a deadpool
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As the never-ending debate over the merits of Die Hard can attest, the specifics of what constitutes a Christmas movie are open for interpretation and argument, but Ryan Reynolds has nonetheless thrown his lot in with Deadpool being recognized as a yuletide favorite.

Given that the crux of the conversation revolves around how much screentime acts as the barometer for inclusion to the pantheon of festive classics, it’s easy to see where both sides are coming from. Seeing as he’s the star and producer, though, it’s simpler to side with Reynolds in this instance.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever cut an expository nod to a classic TV series

okoye black panther wakanda forever
Photo via Marvel Studios

Even though the project was announced a while back, we still don’t have an official confirmation from either Kevin Feige, Ryan Coogler, or Danai Gurira that the in-development Disney Plus series spinning off from the Black Panther franchise will indeed be focusing on exiled Dora Milaje Okoye.

That could have become a lot clearer had a simple expository scene not been dumped from Wakanda Forever, one that was indebted to 1970s classic Kung Fu of all things. Essentially a ronin, Okoye would have outlined her intentions to wander the world alone, which sounds like the setup for a solo outing if ever we heard it.

An intriguing theory believes Deadpool 3 could hinge on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

x-men origins wolverine
Image via 20th Century Fox

We’ve all worked so hard to erase the film from our collective memories that it’s easy to forget X-Men Origins: Wolverine even had a post-credits scene, one that featured the still-living head of Weapon XI surviving being lopped clean off the shoulders of the abomination that began the film as Wade Wilson.

Ryan Reynolds loves to roast the movie, and he even revisited it in the stingers of Deadpool 2, so there’s no reason why an intriguing fan theory regarding the upcoming threequel couldn’t come to pass. It even involves time travel and multiversal shenanigans, too, and could potentially go so far as to tie the Multiverse Saga, Deadpool 3, the 20th Century Fox universe, and the X-Men together into a neat canonical bow – which would be nothing short of mind-blowing.

It’s been another veritable buffet of all things Marvel to sink your teeth into today, so be sure to check back for our next roundup of the latest happenings to see what insanity the franchise continues to throw our way.

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