James Gunn has debunked another DC rumor over Twitter. This time, it pertains to the HBO Max Green Lantern show that has been in development for quite some time.

Replying to a Comic Book Resources tweet that states that HBO Max’s Green Lantern has reportedly been scrapped in favor of other plans, Gunn simply said, “Fake.”

You can check out Gunn’s tweet below:

The series has seen some big changes recently, as it was originally set to focus on Alan Scott and Guy Gardner, the first Green Lantern and the famously cocky corps member, respectively. It is currently set to follow John Stewart, one of the most recognizable Green Lanterns — in part due to his role in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series of the early-to-mid 2000s. Little else is known about the new storyline or whether Scott and Gardner will still appear.

Green Lantern’s first live-action adaptation was Martin Campbell’s 2011 film, which starred Ryan Reynolds as the titular hero. The film was poorly received by critics and fans alike and was a box-office failure, bringing in $220 million worldwide on a $200 million budget.

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