Link’s height has varied a lot in the series, but his exact measurements in BOTW remain a mystery. One fan went to great lengths to find out, though.

Much of Link’s character remains a mystery in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including his height. The Hyrulian Hero has always been known for his short stature, a trait of his that is accentuated when he is pitted against the gigantic Ganondorf and larger-than-life monsters. However, how tall Link is in Breath of the Wild remains unclear, which has led many fans to go to extreme lengths to discover just what Link’s height really is.


The answer to how tall Link is has varied throughout the Legend of Zelda series. For instance, Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is just 3’10, while Link from Skyward Sword is 5’4. The reason behind Link’s various heights is twofold: Different games show Link at different ages, and different games show different versions of Link. In the Legend of Zelda timeline, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf are continually reincarnated to participate in a battle between good and evil. It only makes sense that the Links fighting these battles come in different ages, shapes, and sizes: They are not even the same person.

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Link fighting Bokoblins in front of a skull-shaped building in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild shows Link in his latest reincarnation. In that game, the kingdom of Hyrule is in ruins after the Calamity, and it seems medical records have disappeared because Link’s height is no longer known. Consequently, fans have started theorizing about how tall he might be. As recorded on the Breath of the Wild Fandom site, most theories come to the conclusion that the Hyrulian Hero is between 4’11 and 5’2. However, one fan has discovered Link’s exact measurements using interesting, mathematical methods.

Breath of the Wild fan and YouTube content creator The Bread Pirate was able to find out how tall Link is by comparing the Hero to the steel cubes in shrines. To do this, they used a popular Breath of the Wild mod called “Memory Editor,” which has the ability to measure in-game items in meters among its many other features. The Bread Pirate found that the steel cubes in shrines were almost exactly 2 meters tall. They then took a photo of Link beside a cube in one of Breath of the Wild’s shrines and found that the cube was 439 pixels tall and Link was 348 pixels tall.

Interested in using BOTW‘s Memory Editor mod for yourself? Check out the video from Jeremy King Tech on YouTube here, which provides an overview on how Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s memory editor works:

The rest of the process consisted of dividing how tall Link is in pixels by the box’s and multiplying the quotient by the height of the box in meters. This revealed Link’s height to be 5’2. The Bread Pirate’s estimation stands out among other fan theories, as he uses in-game data and math rather than unreliable height comparisons to come to a more reliable estimation of how tall Link is in Breath of the Wild. The video can be viewed below:

Link’s height in BOTW may be shorter than one might expect a 17-year-old soldier and Master Cycle Zero rider to be. However, that does not take away from his amazing strengths. His short height actually adds to the monumental achievements he makes in Breath of the Wild, showing that stature does not determine one’s strength of character.

Link from Breath of the Wild in front of Calamity Ganon, in front of runes.

Since Tears of the Kingdom seems to be a sequel of sorts to Breath of the Wild, it is unlikely that the game will change how tall Link is. However, there is clearly something up with Link’s hand in Tears of the Kingdom, and if it ends up being a type of evil infection or mutation that spreads across his entire body it is possible Link’s height will change in some capacity – although it will (hopefully) only be temporary.

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Source: The Bread Pirate/YouTube

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