In the latest issue of Marvel’s Gold Goblin, a redeemed Norman Osborn finally faces his past sins which have manifested in the form of Queen Goblin.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Gold Goblin #2

Having been teased ever since the Spider-Man Beyond era, the sins of the Green Goblin have finally returned to haunt Norman Osborn. With his darkness having been removed by the villain known as the Sin-Eater, the former Spider-Man villain has been reformed as Norman Osborn attempts to redeem himself, becoming an ally to Peter Parker while also restarting a brand-new Oscorp working to build a brighter future. He’s recently become the Gold Goblin as well, a new hero in his mission of redemption. However, Norman’s metaphysical sins as the Green Goblin didn’t just disappear in the Marvel Universe.


As seen in the new Gold Goblin #2 from Christopher Cantwell and Lan Medina, Norman is faced by Dr. Ashley Kafka whom he hopes can help him forget his past. While his sins may be gone, he’s still haunted by the ghosts of those he killed and his massive guilt. However, Norman never knew that Kafka had been turned into the Queen Goblin by the Beyond Corporation, forcibly transformed by the sadistic organization using Norman’s metaphysical sins they had collected and bottled for experimentation.

Spider-Man’s Greatest Foe Finally Faces His Dark Sins

Green Goblin Faces Goblin Queen in Marvel Comics

While Spider-Man did face the Queen Goblin in earlier issues of Amazing Spider-Man, he never learned her true identity. Nevertheless, it seems he neglected to tell Norman about the newest Goblin in the Marvel Universe. Having no idea that his sins lived on within Kafka, Norman is naturally quite shocked. Likewise, the Queen Goblin looks determined to get her revenge upon Norman for what’s been done to her, as she likely wants to put Norman’s sins as the Green Goblin back where they came from.

Taking place during Marvel’s Dark Web event, there’s a disturbing comparison to be made between the foes Spider-Man and the former Green Goblin are currently fighting. While Norman faces a dark mirror of himself who’s looking to turn him back into the villain he once was by restoring his sins, Peter is facing his own dark mirror with Ben Reilly (aka Chasm). Similarly, Ben wants to restore his own self by stealing Spider-Man’s very soul, hoping to regain Peter’s copied memories which he lost (also thanks to Beyond).

As Spider-Man’s Dark Web event and Gold Goblin continue, it will be interesting to see how Norman will respond to the Queen Goblin. Although Norman managed to evade Kafka by the issue’s end, it’s only a matter of time before they face each other again. Will the Queen Goblin succeed in giving Norman his sins back? It would almost certainly turn him back into the Green Goblin again. Either way, Gold Goblin #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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