Right now, The Witcher: Blood Origin show is out on Netflix. The spinoff prequel has received a dismal reception, and, behind the scenes also caused issues for those who star in it when it comes to shooting scenes of intimacy with their various characters.

Sophia Brown, Mirren Mack, and Laurence O’Fuarain address the issue in a new article published by Digital Spy. For Fjall portrayer O’Fuarain, he says the experience could not have been navigated properly without their on-set intimacy coordinator. The job has not always been common in Hollywood, but has grown in recent years and apparently is a wonderful thing to have ready.

“Lizzy Talbot was our intimacy coordinator and she was just brilliant. She made it like a stunt, really. But they’re always awkward, you know? You have a lot of strangers looking at you as you’re taking your clothes off. But the short answer is: yes, they’re extremely weird.”

Later in the report, Brown, who portrays Éile, adds it is not something which ever feels natural. As well, coordinating them is similar to fight scenes apparently and ultimately the key is to shoot a lot of stuff beforehand in order to be cool with a partner.

“By the time we were doing some of those intimacy scenes, we’d worked with each other so closely that I felt very comfortable to clearly communicate with Laurence what I needed.”

Merwyn performer Mack concludes the article by saying it is strange to have to sit on top of someone shortly after meeting them with other people standing around. She adds those moments on set felt like a dance and, this was not something she expected, but, everyone made her feel relaxed and no one channeled their inner Sean Bean by claiming coordinators spoil the set spontaneity.

“I felt like I knew every single move that was coming. So, it was quite comfortable, which I didn’t really expect it to be. I had a really easy time getting slightly undressed; everybody on set made it really feel really safe and comfortable and warm.”

The show has four episodes in total. The third season of its originating show has no release date set at this time. After its third season, it will be replacing star Henry Cavill with Liam Hemsworth and, while many are not happy about this decision, Cavill has been promised a heroic sendoff and apparently, Hemsworth’s version of the character will be different from what fans are expecting.

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