If you’ve already binge-watched every Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas movie this season and are eagerly awaiting the lovey-dovey Valentine’s films to air, odds are you’re looking for some snowy romcoms to watch in between holidays during those brutally cold snow days in January.

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From older hits starring soap opera-turned-Hallmark actors to the network’s brand new winter-time love story premiering in 2023, Hallmark Channel has got you covered no matter the season. With everything from snowy getaways to ski trips to cozy cabins, there are dozens of romantic comedies old and new that will warm you up this winter.


‘Love In Glacier National: A National Park Romance’ (2023)

Ashley Newbrough

Hallmark Channel has been choosing National Parks as settings in recent films, and in 2023, they’ll continue that tradition with the premiere of Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance on January 28, 2023.

Starring Ashley Newbrough and Stephen Huszar,the film follows Newbrough’s Hannah who treks to Glacier National Park as an expert avalanche forecaster. But when the Mountain Rescue director, played by Huszar, would rather rely on intuition than Hannah’s technology, they must fight their brewing feelings for each other as they battle over who has the better forecasting.

‘Winter Love Story’ (2019)

'Winter Love Story'

In one of Jen Lilley‘s many post-Days of Our Lives romcoms, the actor starred alongside Kevin McGarry in this literal winter love story that debuted in 2019 about what it truly means to be an author.

Lilley’s Cassie is a debut author hitting the road to promote her new novel, but hits a snag when she’s paired with a seasoned writer, McGarry’s Elliot, who reveals to this author who has finally made it that he no longer wishes to write while sparks begin to fly between the two writers.

‘Taking A Shot At Love’ (2021)

'Taking A Shot At Love'

Taking a Shot at Love premiered in Winter 2021 and starred Hallmark Channel alums Luke Macfarlane and Alexa Penavega in what was the first new movie to air on the channel in the new year.

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This film follows your typical elegant dancer-meets-sports jock trope and finds Penavega’s Jenna on a journey one winter when she meets Macfarlane’s Ryan, a hockey player who enlists Jenna and her ballet expertise to help heal an injury and get him back on the ice, and inevitably fall in love in the process.

‘Winter Castle’ (2019)

'Winter Castle'

You’ll often find Kevin McGarry in wintery Hallmark films, and in 2019’s Winter Castle, you could find him alongside Chesapeake Shores star Emilie Ullerup in this tale that takes place in a real-life ice hotel.

Filmed at Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, Canada, the movie follows Ullerup as Jenny, who arrives at her sister’s destination wedding at an ice hotel, only to unexpectedly start falling for her groom’s best man, McGarry’s Craig. When the two are thrown into everything from ice sculpting to dog sledding together, they must fight their attraction for the sake of Craig’s plus-one.

‘Love On Iceland’ (2020)

'Love On Iceland'

Love on Iceland was the very first Hallmark Channel film to be filmed in Iceland and was led by Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell, alongside Donnell’s real-life wife Patti Murin, both previously known for their roles on NBC‘s Chicago Med.

When Doubleday’s Chloe is in need of some inspiration for work, she plans a trip to Iceland for her and her college buddies. But when her college boyfriend shows up for the trip, the two start to rekindle their old love just as a handsome, Icelandic tour guide starts to catch her eye.

‘One Winter Weekend’ (2018)

'One Winter Weekend'

One Winter Weekend premiered in 2018 and follows the love stories of two leading couples who form romances when two young women who have sworn off dating are accidentally double-booked at a ski resort with two single men whose charm manages to change their minds about their dating lives.

Starring the talented Hallmark leading ladyTaylor Cole alongside Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard and Dewshane Williams, the film spawned a wintery sequel in 2019, One Winter Proposal, that ends with an unexpected engagement when the four friends return to the ski resort that started it all.

‘Love On Ice’ (2017)

'Love On Ice'

Long after she held a starring role on General Hospital, actor Julie Berman starred in her first and only romcom for Hallmark Channel along with one of the network’s major actors, Andrew Walker.

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In this winter-time romance with a Yuri!!! On Ice-esque plot, Berman plays Emily, a figure skater who has fallen out of the public eye and gets another chance to shine on the ice when Walker’s Spencer begins coaching her, and unexpectedly falls in love with her as they train together for the upcoming regionals.

‘Love In Winterland’ (2020)

'Love In Winterland'

Long after he was part of several rom-drams on One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray took to Hallmark Channel where things are less dramatic but, much more romantic. One of his Hallmark hits was 2020’s Love in Winterland, starring alongside Italia Ricci.

Love in Winterland puts an unexpected twist on the dating show life when contestant Ally is chosen to go on a hometown date to Winterland where she runs into her high school sweetheart. Crashing sleds and cozy nights at the inn ensue as these two rekindle their old love despite Ally’s commitment to the dating show.

‘Frozen In Love’ (2018)

'Frozen In Love'

Before she was appearing in major films like Netflix‘s He’s All That and Spirit Halloween: The Movie, Rachael Leigh Cook starred in several Hallmark romcoms, including 2018’s Frozen in Love alongside Hallmark hunk Niall Matter.

Based on an original idea pitched to the network by Cook, according to the film’s Wikipedia, Frozen in Love follows a struggling bookstore owner and a stubborn hockey player who are forced to work together to help each other reinvent their public images, and begin to fall in love despite their opposing personalities.

‘A Winter Getaway’ (2021)

'A Winter Getaway'

A Winter Getaway aired in 2021 and starred Nazneen Contractor and Brooks Darnell in an Aladdin-esque story about a woman who starts to fall in love with a man who is mistaken for someone higher up on the social ladder.

Darnell’s character is your literal average Joe who is gifted the opportunity to go on a luxurious trip, but gets mistaken for a millionaire while he’s there. When sparks fly between him and Contractor’s Courtney, Joe must decide whether to keep up his ruse or come clean about who he is.

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