The Game Awards were held on Dec. 8, and many exciting announcements were made alongside the awards. The next Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set for release on March 15, 2023. The game will bring back Cal Kestis in the fantastic sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order to discover the universe of Star Wars.

Star Wars is an ever-expanding universe with plenty of new characters and conflicts constantly being added. One important aspect of the franchise are the various tech and gadgets seen throughout. There are dozens of unique gadgets that many people would love to see exist in the real world.


Hyperdrive Would Allow More Space Exploration

Obi-Wan with the hyperdrive in Star Wars: Phantom Menace.

The hyperdrive is a device that allows a spaceship to travel at lightspeed and reach one side of the universe far more quickly. In the real world, a hyperdrive would help humans further explore the mysteries of space more swiftly.

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Even equipping other devices with a hyperdrive would be beneficial to send forth and examine various planets throughout the universe. It’s difficult to imagine if it would logically be possible for any spaceship to handle lightspeed travel but if so it could change everything.

Cybernetics Are Better Than Modern Prosthetics

Luke Skywalker's mechanical hand in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.

Prosthetic limbs are growing more advanced throughout the years, but they’re still a long way away from reaching the level of cybernetics seen in one of the most immersive movie franchises, Star Wars. Losing a hand or even a leg is fairly replaceable, and they seem to maintain all the capabilities of a real limb.

This would be life-changing for many people who are either born without limbs or lose one in an accident or in warfare. In the original films, Luke even wears false skin over his mechanical arm making it difficult to even notice that he has one.

Shield Generators Offer Greater Protection

Shield Generator in Star Wars Battlefront.

Shield Generators are devices that conjure large energy barriers that protect and even deflect attacks. This would be incredibly useful in real-life combat to shield against bullets more easily, though these generating shields do have a limit to how much they can handle.

It would also be a way to even defend against natural disasters by using a large enough shield generator to protect a person’s property. There could be many great uses for shield generators from everyday life to pure survival.

A Carbon Freezer Can Freeze Anything And Keep It Unharmed

Lando looking at Han Solo frozen in carbonite in Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars fans will remember the iconic carbon freezer that froze Han Solo in one of the best Star Wars movies in the Skywalker Saga, the Empire Strikes Back. This kept him alive and sustained him while he was transported to Jabba the Hutt.

A carbon freezer could freeze more than just real life and could even be used as a form of artwork. Carbon freezing could also be a method to preserve important artifacts or documents that are either brittle and fragile or need safekeeping to avoid any damage.

Blasters Are Far More Reliable Than Real Guns

Greedo's Blaster in Star Wars

Blasters are incredibly proficient guns with a quieter noise output, unlimited ammo, and are far more effective in actual combat. There are also seems to be no recoil when shooting blasters, regardless of the size.

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The power, impact, and penetration of the concentrating plasma is also superior to bullets and melt away when it hits a target. Blasters also have a unique setting that can turn the guns to an effective stun that will knock out their target instantly.

Droids Would Be Useful Companions

Battle Droids marching while holding guns in Star Wars Rebels.

Some of the most iconic Star Wars characters are droids, and they’ve been recurring in every Star Wars project. Droids in real life have come a long way, and it wouldn’t be surprising if actual droid armies one day existed. This would create far more wars in the world, but it would also cause far fewer casualties by using droid armies.

Servants as droids in the future is also extremely likely but could lead to more sedentary lives for humans. While droids are a great concept that would be fantastic in the real world, there are many cons that go alongside the pros.

Bacta Tanks Can Help Heal Wounds More Swiftly

Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi in bacta tank

Bacta tanks are extremely useful and help heal injuries better and faster than any other type of medicine. These would be very beneficial in the real world and could keep more serious injuries from bothering a person as long.

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The only downside of the bacta tanks is having to be completely submerged in the liquid for as long as it requires. Thanks to the Book of Boba Fett, there was also a bacta pod introduced with the same concept, and it’s possible that there are other methods that the bacta liquid can be used to heal wounds.

Holograms Are A Cool Way To Communicate

Darth Sidious appears in a hologram to Nute Gunray to sow off his aprentice Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Holograms are one of the coolest gadgets in Star Wars, and they show complete 3D images of the person communicating. Technology has come a long way in the real world and the closest thing that’s come to this are video chats like FaceTime and Skype.

However, nothing has been able to completely transmit a person’s body in such a way that they appear like they’re standing with someone. 3D holograms would be great in other ways as well such as tabletop games as seen briefly in A New Hope.

A99 Aquata Breathers Make It Possible To Stay Underwater Longer

Obi-Wan with A99 aquata breather in Star Wars: Phantom Menace.

The A99 aquata breathers are fantastic gadgets that would be perfect in the real world. They can supply someone with air to breathe either underwater or in any sort of environment where one couldn’t normally breathe for up to two hours.

This is far less clunky to wear and carry compared to many other methods of swimming underwater with air. The only danger is that it could slip out of the mouth rather easily due to water pressure, a slight movement with the mouth, or getting hit by something.

Lightsabers Just Because

Luke and Vader in a lightsaber dual in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

There’s no doubt that lightsabers are the most iconic thing to come out of Star Wars. Even though there wouldn’t be many practical uses for lightsabers most fans would choose for these to exist beyond anything else in the franchise.

Lightsabers aren’t toys, however, and can slice through all sorts of objects easily. Many fans throughout the years have striven to create their own real-life lightsabers and there’s been quite a bit of progress in that regard. It’s one of the most likely gadgets to see the light of day from Star Wars.

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