The year is almost over, but there are still many more movies and TV series to watch. With something new coming out every week, it takes time to sit down and decide what to occupy all your free time with. Luckily, people on Reddit voted in several threads on r/television, where users asked for people’s favorite shows of 2022.

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As expected, the number of answers flying in here and other threads like this discussion, wasn’t disappointing. Some of the entries were brand-new shows from this year, and others were just seasons of already-established series. These Redditor suggestions could come in handy for anyone unsure of what to watch next.


‘Better Call Saul’ – Season 6 (2015-2022)

Jimmy McGill a.k.a Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul

The one series all the Redditors in the thread agreed with is that season 6 of Better Call Saul has been the show of the year. The final installment of this unexpectedly successful Breaking Bad spin-off solidified it as one of the modern cult classics of TV.

For everyone who hasn’t watched Breaking Bad, don’t worry about tying Better Call Saul with that series. They aren’t connected story-wise, but only by characters; the user @HostilesAhead_BF-05 says, “If you ever get around to it, you’re in for a treat.” Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks give the performances of a lifetime in this exciting thriller drama.

‘Severance’ (2022 -)

Severance’ (1)

Severance is fast approaching the title of the best series of the year – the user @FemaleTrouble7 said, “Severance is incredible – I can’t find a new show that matches it.” It stars Adam Scott as Mark, an office manager at a company where employees get memories of their private lives erased on company grounds. Similarly, as they leave, the memory of things they do at work disappears, causing them to lead double lives without realizing it.

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Severance is a sci-fi mystery riddled with unusual twists; it gets very tense but also packs dramatic elements. However, don’t be fooled by the mixture of genres – it’s some of the best science fiction that’s come out lately, and Redditors (and broader audiences) agree. Other cast includes Christopher Walken, John Turturroand Patricia Arquette.

‘The Bear’ (2022 -)

The cast of 'The Bear'

The Bear is another show that Redditors placed among the best of 2022, and for a good reason – it’s great. The poster of the thread, @u/Adenchiz, added it to their top three, much like other users. Jeremy Allen White returns to Chicago after Shameless, and although many might see only Lip Gallagher in him, he manages to step out of that shadow and establish himself as the lead in one of the year’s best new series.

Christopher Storer, the creator, packs character-building drama, genuinely funny and clever jokes, and cinematic artistry into episodes that rarely exceed 30 minutes. The Bear is intense in the best way possible and viewers finish each episode wanting more.

‘House of the Dragon’ (2022 -)

Millie Alcock as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen close-up portrait from 'House of the Dragon'

Another spin-off, or better said, a prequel, House of the Dragon has found its way to many fan-favorite lists; the Redditor T4Gx said the finale was: “Some of the best television I’ve watched in a while.” HOTD ties into Game of Thrones, although fans don’t need to know much except the royal name Targaryen. Their lineage saw some of the strangest bonds and bloodiest battles.

The cast of HOTD got lots of attention since the show started and because of them, the series is expected to win over even more people before season two. Hopefully, the show doesn’t fare as disappointing as the final season of GoT. The writer of the book Fire & Blood, George R.R. Martin, has given it his seal of approval.

‘Peacemaker’ (2022 -)


Oh, look – a spin-off! Jokes aside, Peacemaker has some connections to The Suicide Squad (the version everyone prefers to talk about, by James Gunn). The Peacemaker was a hero in the movie, and most of the cast working with him appeared in it, but the story isn’t connected much to anything that happens in the film.

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John Cena brilliantly plays the titular superhero with impeccable comedic timing. Another stand-out role is by Freddie Stroma,although all the characters shine in one way or another, which is Gunn’s forte. The Redditor @WMay1eld said: “Peacemaker is one of the best shows this year.” It seems Gunn’s been given the task of rebooting the entire DC universe, now, too.

‘Reservation Dogs’ – Season 2 (2021 -)

Image via FX

Season 2 of the highly-praised Reservation Dogs won over the hearts of fans that suspected it couldn’t follow season 1. The user @Still_Equivalent9450 said, “It’s unbelievable how amazing Season 2 is. Not only not a single bad episode, but almost every episode is also like, the level of quality of any other show’s best-ever episode.”

The series revolves around four teenagers living on a reservation in Oklahoma. Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi are the show’s creators; knowing the high-quality series and movies these two have made, Reservation Dogs is one of the best representations of their talent. Similarly, the cast (some known and some newcomers) thrills in this heartwarming comedy.

‘The Boys’ – Season 3 (2019 -)

Image via Prime Video

The title of one the most beloved series of the last few years goes to The Boys. Season 3 was no exception and many Redditors voted it as the best. The user @retroX4j even noted, “there’s nothing else like it. Subverts everything you know about superheroes.” With Jensen Ackles appearing as Soldier Boy, the story got more intense but remained gory and ridiculous as ever.

The Boys stars Karl Urban and Antony Starramong the large ensemble cast. It also has one of the best will-they-wont-they couples on TVFrenchie and Kimiko (Tomer Kapone and Karen Fukuhara). In the sea of gore, this and other dramatic turns make The Boys consistent and easy to watch with every installment.

‘Station Eleven’ (2021-2022)


Station Eleven aired during the transition from 2021 to 2022, but that was enough for fans to place it among the best series of the year, like the user who said, “the cinematography, performances, music, everything, was all stunning.” The story happens in a post-apocalyptic future and covers multiple timelines; it’s a sci-fi work of art to enjoy even more during a rewatch.

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The show stars Mackenzie Davis, an established actor in the genre, but the stand-out performance for many was given by Himesh Patel. Patel was previously seen in Yesterday, but after Station Eleven, he’s likely to soar and get more serious roles. For lovers of timeline jumping, post-apocalyptic worlds, and, well, great TV – this series is the one.

‘The Rehearsal’ (2022 -)

The Rehearsal - The Fielder Method

Nathan Fielder created something fantastic with Nathan for You; this Comedy Central show is still a favorite despite airing almost ten years ago. When fans saw him release The Rehearsal, they were the first in line to see it. Many Reddit users seem to be Fielder fans because they listed The Rehearsal as one of the year’s best shows.

However, this show isn’t reserved for Fielder fans only; The Rehearsal is for everyone. In it, he helps people prepare for different life situations by practicing them. Since HBO wouldn’t reveal if the series was scripted or not, it borders on being a comedic social experiment, However, the user @LordXenu45 says, “it’s silly to think The Rehearsal was entirely unscripted.”

‘Stranger Things’ – Season 4 (2016 -)

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp on Stranger Things
Image via Netflix

Stranger Things is an already beloved show. However, something about season 4 made it even more popular, and Redditors agreed. @Beard341 even said, “We, as fans, are being spoiled.” It wasn’t just the appearance of iconic TV characters like Eddie Munson or Vecna; the entire installment successfully evoked the old sci-fi fantasy genre in a new and exceptional way.

This show is great for multiple reasons, but its biggest quality may be how true it is to the 1980s era. That’s not just in style and aesthetic, but also cinematically, musically, and with a brilliant cast. There could be a lot said about the phenomenon, but most fans agree – this season was some of the best TV of the year, and will stay remembered for it.

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