Marvel’s new Secret Invasion is even more dangerous now that Skrulls have adapted, retconning the major reason Marvel’s heroes won the first time.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Secret Invasion #2

A new Secret Invasion has come to the Marvel Universe, and Skrulls have become a legitimate threat once more. While the heroes of Earth-616 found a means of detecting the shape-shifting alien race in the first Secret Invasion which led to their victory, Skrulls have seemingly found a way to circumvent the device created by the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards. Now, Maria Hill is doing all she can to predict the Skrulls’ next moves in this perfect primer for the MCU series coming in 2023.


In Secret Invasion #2 from Ryan North and Francesco Mobili, Maria Hill informs both the government and the Avengers that they’re back to square one when it comes to the Skrulls. Although she believes she’s found a way to identify Skrulls using blood tests, the issue reveals that it’s not a fool-proof system compared to the detectors developed by Mr. Fantastic. As such, Skrulls have finally become scary again now that they’ve regained their greatest weapon: the ability to anonymously infiltrate.

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Mr. Fantastic’s Skrull Detector Won’t Save Earth This Time

New Secret Invasion No Skrull Detectors

The best part of this new series thus far is the effective erasure of Mr. Fantastic’s detectors. Naturally, they were installed in every major intelligence agency and government building after the original Secret Invasion, forcing Skrulls to revert to their true forms if any were in range. Somehow, Skrulls have now found a way to get past the detectors, making them more dangerous than they’ve been in years.

It should also be noted that this new plot is seemingly being carried about by a rogue sect of Skrulls who do not recognize the authority of Emperor Dorek-Vell (aka Hulkling). As a result, there’s no telling what these Skrulls truly want. Regardless, their ability to be covert once more makes them incredibly dangerous and far harder to defeat.

Skrulls Are Already Winning Marvel’s New Secret Invasion

Skrull Blood Tests In New Secret Invasion

While Maria believes she’s found a means to identify Skrulls using blood tests, it’s far less effective seeing as how she has to have a suspect’s blood on hand to be tested in the first place. While it did work in this issue with Black Widow being revealed as an imposter and replaced by a Skrull, the end of the issue reveals that Iron Man is also Skrull who remained undetected, having anticipated Maria’s plan and provided a human blood sample rather than their own.

Clearly, there’s a bigger operation in the works where two Avengers have already been compromised. Despite Hill’s best efforts, the Skrulls are several steps ahead in this latest Secret Invasion. As such, they’re finally back as some of the scariest and most formidable aliens the Marvel Universe has to offer. Secret Invasion #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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