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DC Studios chief James Gunn has debunked another DC rumor on social media today, this time shooting down a report at Comic Book Resources regarding HBO Max’s “Green Lantern” TV series.

That report suggested the series, which would’ve focused on the John Stewart-incarnation of the character, had been scrapped in favor of other plans Gunn has in mind – including a film appearance. Gunn responded with a single word tweet – “Fake”.

It’s not the only rumor being shut down today. “Star Wars: Andor” star Diego Luna recently popped up on Kristian Harloff’s The Sith Council podcast show where he was asked about the online rumors he’s in consideration for the Reed Richards role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.

“WandaVision” showrunner Matt Shakman is directing the film which has a February 14th 2025 release date – suggesting it will need to begin shooting no later than Fall 2023.

Luna is currently shooting the second season of “Andor” in the UK and is committed to doing so through until August (and that’s not including reshoots, ADR and press commitments). Thus the possibility, though slim, is there. Luna says:

“I just like the… I was talking about that this morning like the rumors. When you become part of rumors if half of the rumors were real, you know? It’s just incredible the amount of stuff that I see now out there. The only thing I can tell you is that, for the next two years, I’m busy. In two years, we’ll see if what I want to do is even film. Until 2024, I’m going to be doing [‘Andor’].”

The host then tried to push further by asking him if he liked the character of Reed Richards, to which Luna just laughed and indicated he wouldn’t talk any further. “Andor” is expected to air its second and final season in 2024.

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