Each of the original six Avengers has a different height, playing directly into the magic of a superhero team-up. Does this affect them in any way?

The first ensemble cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe happened in 2012’s The Avengers, where one way the original six Avengers differed was how tall they each were. Like the films in the MCU that came before it, The Avengers proved to be a box-office success—this time on a much larger scale. While some audiences might not have noticed, the heights of these heroic characters were slightly exaggerated. With the ability to manipulate the camera and digital enhancement technology at their fingertips, the job of creating a believable universe for audiences to see only came easier to those behind the scenes.


By using end-credits scenes in their movies, Marvel tied a universe together and continues to expand every year. New heroes continue to be brought to the big screen, all of whom look very different. Part of the magic of creating a superhero team-up comes with having characters who all have different qualities.

Related: Why Wasn’t Steve Rogers The Mighty Thor In Avengers: Endgame?Marvel fans have always compared and contrasted the Avengers. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but their height is also a big difference between them, affecting how they fight and operate in battle. How exactly tall are each of these six mighty heroes?

Black Widow

Scarlett Johanssen as Natasha Romanoff in the Red Room, looking forward in Endgame, on Vormir

The shortest of the original six Avengers, Black Widow has always presented a stealthy, independent nature. Though Scarlett Johansson—the actress who portrays her—is only 5’3″ in real life, Natasha Romanoff actually appears two inches taller on-screen with digital trickery and expert camerawork. Although Black Widow’s not a super soldier and isn’t that tall, Natasha has proven time and time again that she can defend herself against tough opponents and think quickly on her feet, showcasing her sharp intelligence.



Played by Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye stands only three inches taller than Natasha at 5’8″. While an inch taller in real life at 5’9″, Renner helped bring the iconic expert marksman and archer to life, being first seen in an uncredited cameo role in Thor. More of a stand-alone hero in the MCU at first, Renner’s character has grown tremendously over the years, most recently appearing in his own Disney+ TV series, Hawkeye. He may not be the tallest on the team, but Hawkeye does bring his fair share to the table when fighting bad guys.

Captain America

captain america judging moon knight

Before being subject to the effects of the Super-Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers was merely a 90-lb weakling, standing at 5’4″. His counterpart, actor Chris Evans, is much taller in real life, coming in at 6’0″. But even Captain America himself was taller than Evans at 6’2″. Rogers’ physique was transformed entirely by the serum, turning him into an extremely skilled fighter with human strength, speed, and accelerated healing. Captain America’s tall stature reflects the dominant leader and moral compass he’s always been for the team.

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Iron Man

2008's Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr).

Robert Downey Jr.’s role as Tony Stark began back in 2008 and gave him the nickname, “the godfather of the MCU.” Although not that tall in real life, only at 5’8″, with armor on the fictional Iron Man, it’s a different story. In his armor, Iron Man is much taller, coming in at 6’5″. His best friend, Rhodey, aka War Machine, must’ve felt quite uncomfortable in his stolen Iron Man armor with the few extra inches.


Captain Marvel Thor Fight Avengers

Gods are typically tall beings, and it’s no different for the God of Thunder who stands at a whopping 6’6″. He wields the mighty hammer, Mjolnir, which he uses to protect Earth and also his home, Asgard. The Australian actor who plays Thor—Chris Hemsworth—is a bit shorter in real life but only by three inches. He might not tower over the other Avengers as it might seem in the movies, but aside from Hulk, Thor is actually the tallest of the group. Maybe his height does help fit his God-like appearance.


Smart hulk human bruce banner

Bruce Banner, a.k.a. Hulk, might only be 5’9″, but when he becomes the monstrous smash-loving hero, he’s the tallest of The Avengers, standing at approximately 8’5″. Mark Ruffalo, who in real life is 5’8″, replaced original Hulk actor, Edward Norton. He went on to become an important character in the MCU, most recently appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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