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On the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, we will be posting one full movie every day of the week, giving viewers the chance to watch them entirely free of charge. Today’s Free Movie of the Day is the 2021 documentary Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake, and you can check it out over on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Written and directed by Bob Brill, who is also the only listed cast member, Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake has the following synopsis (which is also courtesy of Brill): On February 9, 1971 a 6.5 earthquake struck Los Angeles, specifically the community of Sylmar. More than 60 people were killed, two hospitals collapsed and more than 80,000 people were evacuated because it was believed a dam was going to burst and flood the San Fernando Valley. This is the story of the quake and the aftermath as told by those who lived it, including producer Bob Brill who was a senior at Sylmar High School when the quake struck. The final third of the film details why this quake was so significant in US history and what came out of Sylmar. Several programs were developed and are now world wide in their usage. The film sets up what will happen if another such quake hits the region. Using US Government archive footage and more, the film covers many aspects from the quake to crime, to PTSD suffered today by survivors to fires after an earthquake.

I wasn’t very aware of the Sylmar quake before crossing paths with this documentary, so watching Shaken will be an educational experience for me.

Brill wrote, directed, and produced several short films before making this feature documentary. His IMDb page shares the following information: “Bob is an award winning journalist, film maker and author with approximately 20 screenplays and pilots written, more than a dozen published books and decades in broadcast journalism at the local and national level. He also has more than one podcast.”

So take a look at Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake – it’s free! – then let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake Free Movie of the Day

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