Michael Myers’ mask is one of the most iconic parts of the Halloween franchise, but he’s not the only character to don the Captain Kirk mask either.

Warning: Major Spoilers For Halloween Ends BelowMichael Myers isn’t the only character in the Halloween franchise to don the iconic white mask. The look of Michael’s mask had been described in John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s screenplay for Halloween as the “pale, neutral features” of a man. The concept behind this was that Myers had to disguise himself as a man, as he couldn’t pass for a normal human being any other way. After rejecting alternate mask concepts – including a Michael Myers clown look – Carpenter selected a modified William Shatner mask from Star Trek. Its eerie blankness left an indelible effect on moviegoers in 1978.


Michael has shown up in 12 out of 13 Halloween movies, with the white mask always coming with him. Over the decades, several other characters have donned his mask – and usually met with bad ends. In contrast to characters who have worn a similiar kind of mask – such as Halloween 2’s Ben Tramer or Resurrection’s Freddie Harris – the focus here will be on characters who’ve worn the exact same mask that Michael did in a given entry.

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The Original Halloween Timeline

halloween resurrection paramedic opening

The first example comes from Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers’ “Producer’s Cut.” The original ending saw Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) approaching the “body” of Michael – only to remove the mask and find Dr. Wynn (Mitchell Ryan) underneath. Michael switched clothes with the Thorn cult leader in order to escape, while Wynn passes the duty of looking after Myers to Loomis; the good doctor understandably howls in horror. Michael is then seen escaping in Wynn’s Man in Black outfit.

The most controversial – by far – example of another character wearing Michael Myers’ mask came with Halloween: Resurrection. The opening scene retconned the ending of H20, where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) had seemingly killed Michael by chopping his head off. Resurrection instead reveals Michael had assaulted a paramedic (Gary Tunnicliffe) prior to H20’s finale, rendering him mute and switching outfits. So Laurie instead killed an innocent man, while Myers made his escape before returning for an institutionalized Laurie.

The Rob Zombie Halloween Timeline

scout taylor compton as laurie wearing michael myers mask in halloween 2 2009

Rob Zombie’s Halloween duology attempted to present a more humane side to Michael, with the mask being given a prominent origin of its own. This was the mask Michael wore the night he killed his stepfather, his sister and her boyfriend Steven (Adam Weisman). The mask was worn by Steven when he arrived at the Myers house, with young Michael stealing it after beating him to death. In the theatrical ending of Zombie’s Halloween 2, Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton) stabs Michael to death and then wears his ruined mask as she walks out to face the police gathered outside. This implied the night of terror had driven her to insanity.

The Blumhouse Timeline


The 2018 film was the first of Blumhouse’s Halloween legacy sequel trilogy. Like Zombie’s remake, this outing makes Michael’s original mask a key part of his persona. When the story begins, it’s in the possession of true crime podcasters Aaron Korey (Jefferson Hall) and Dana Haines (Rhian Rees) as they report on the 40th anniversary of the Myers rampage. In a deleted scene, Aaron briefly wore the mask to frighten Dana in the shower. Michael’s doctor Ranbir Sartain (Haluk Bilginer) is later shown to be aiding his rampage, and he wears the mask after kidnapping Allyson (Andi Matichak), apparently trying to feel a stronger connection to Myers.

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Halloween Ends introduced Rohan Campbell’s Corey Cunningham, a teenager who accidentally causes the death of a boy he’s babysitting. Corey’s bitterness and rage eventually turn to murder, and he seeks out Michael – who has been hiding out in Haddeonfield’s sewers – for some mentorship. In a misguided step, Corey later assaults Michael/The Shape so he can wear the famous mask as he commits several murders. In the finale, Michael returns to take back his mask, brutally killing Corey as revenge.

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