A potential Witcher: Blood Origin season 2 hangs in a tentative balance based on some aspects regarding the limited show’s first season.

Whether a Witcher: Blood Origin season 2 is possible after the events of the first season is a complicated matter for the Netflix franchise. With The Witcher focusing on Geralt and Ciri’s adventures in the fantasy world of The Continent, there were many mysteries that the flagship show could never answer. Questions like what happened in the Conjunction of the Spheres, what the origin of the Witchers was, and how the world of The Witcher came to be as it is in the portion of the timeline that makes up the main series were prevalent among audiences, which seemingly led to the creation of the Witcher: Blood Origin prequel show.


Witcher: Blood Origin season 1 centers on explaining these questions, and fleshing out lore regarding the universe’s complicated past. Given the world of The Witcher has such a nuanced and unique history, there’d technically be plenty of room to continue this into a theoretical Witcher: Blood Origin season 2. However, whether it looks like one will be made is a somewhat different story.

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Will Netflix Make A Witcher: Blood Origin Season 2?

The witcher blood origin trailer breakdown

Though it is possible in theory, the changes of a Witcher: Blood Origin season 2 happening are made unlikely by the fact that the limited series is its own self-contained story. The tale of the seven warriors who unite to defeat evil – and who in doing so create the first-ever Witcher – is told within the four episodes of the first season, leaving little reason for a follow-up. Indeed, creating Witcher: Blood Origin season 2 could confuse audiences as to the purpose of this story, unless it finds a very natural way to continue both the Witcher prequel story, and the story of Jaskier being told the tale of their exploits.

This is made yet more unlikely by the reception to the show itself, which has been complicated. Cuts to make Witcher: Blood Origin four episodes instead of the initial six appear to have led to complaints about pacing, and the fact the show comes in the wake of the news Henry Cavill will be replaced as Geralt is unlikely to help the series. As it stands, focusing on other Witcher spinoff shows appears to be more potentially beneficial for Netflix than creating Witcher: Blood Origin season 2.

Witcher: Blood Origin Season 2 Could Fully Explain The Hidden Witcher Lore

Laurence O'Fuarain in The Witcher Blood Origin

While it’s unlikely Netflix’s Witcher franchise would end up with a Witcher: Blood Origin season 2 if it was set to follow on directly from the first season, there is one reason it could still be possible: proving more lore. Having Blood Origin simply be the title of a show that provides different insights into different corners of the franchise’s history and world would allow it to all be accessible in one place, which could be helpful for viewers. This is doubly true if the Netflix franchise continues to make changes to the book lore, as it would ensure these alterations are explained cohesively via the spinoff.

Given the show doesn’t explain how modern Witchers came to be, having a Witcher: Blood Origin season 2 dedicated to this aspect of the lore – or other events that couldn’t be explained in The Witcher show without distracting from the main storylines – would make sense. Blood Origin‘s season 1 finale has made the matter of how Witchers became a faction currently slightly more confusing – given the first Witcher transformation seemingly highlighted how big a danger those who underwent the Trial of the Grasses could be to the people they were meant to help. As such, a follow-up season shedding light on this later period of time could pay off.

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