Roger Moore once revealed he thought Daniel Craig was the best of all of James Bond’s many performers; here’s why he felt that way.

Roger Moore felt that Daniel Craig was the best James Bond actor of all. Moore tied with Sean Connery for number of appearances as 007, with both having played the part seven times. That said, Connery’s final appearance was “unofficial” outing Never Say Never Again, which was produced outside the EON franchise. The two were friends in real life, with Diamonds Are Forever being Moore’s favorite Connery Bond. Their approach to the character himself was also quite different. Despite the outlandish storylines and gadgets, Connery sought to inject reality and groundedness, while Moore focused on humor instead. The few times Moore’s Bond went truly dark often left the actor uncomfortable.


Every Bond fan has their favorite actor, though Connery is the consensus favorite among many. Moore showered praise on the star too, and prior to Daniel Craig’s era, considered him the best to take on 007. However, after seeing Skyfall, Moore admitted in an interview with Time he had changed his option. He stated that Craig was “… the Bond,” and that after Skyfall he felt the James Bond movie producers had “… guaranteed Bond another 50 years of life.” Moore thought Craig captured all the essential qualities of Bond, from the charm and humor to the fact he really looked like a killer, whereas his own version was a “lover.

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Was Roger Moore Right About Daniel Craig’s James Bond?

It’s almost easy to forget just how much Craig’s debut in Casino Royale revived interest in the series. The Pierce Brosnan era ended with maybe the worst Bond adventure Die Another Day, and it was felt the character was utterly out of touch with modern audiences. Craig’s 007 brought both gritty realism and emotional vulnerability – in addition to being the most physical when it came to action setpieces. Casino Royale and Skyfall are the highlights of Craig’s James Bond movies and proved that even after decades on the big screen, the Bond movie saga had plenty of life left.

Moore certainly felt the same way, though – as mentioned previously – calling him the “best” 007 is purely subjective. Christopher Nolan felt Timothy Dalton was the best Bond because he was the closest to author Ian Fleming’s take, while Quentin Tarantino thought Brosnan came out on top. Moore himself was the best at portraying the humor, and when Craig tried to emulate that style with some lighthearted moments in Spectre, it didn’t quite click. One thing that can’t be denied is that to a whole new generation, Daniel Craig’s version is the one to beat.

The Search Of The Next James Bond Is On

Custom image of Henry Cavill and Daniel Craig as James Bond.

With Daniel Craig having exited the Bond role following the ending of No Time To Die, the hunt for the next James Bond has begun. Quotes from producers suggest the next star will be in their 30s, which likely rules out past candidates like Idris Elba or Tom Hardy. Regé-Jean Page, Henry Cavill and Richard Madden have also been suggested, but considering how much of a surprise Craig’s James Bond casting was, the saga’s producers might just throw another big curveball that no one can predict.

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