Avatar: The Way of Water has to make at least $2 billion to break even according to James Cameron. But the movie’s initial box office charge fails short of projecting numbers anywhere close to that haul. Now, the movie is enjoying a rather quiet box office weekend this Christmas eve, but how long will it manage to keep riding on this lackluster momentum?

Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima has recently explained his plans about how he’s going to make video games even a century from now, and the solution might just be the most Hideo Kojima thing we’ve ever heard.

MCU fans realize Taika Waititi may not be to blame for all of Thor: Love and Thunder‘s problems

Image via Marvel Studios

Love and Thunder might bear Waititi’s signature humor and absurdist narrative developments, but after weeks of lambasting, criticizing, and decrying the director on social media, MCU fans have suddenly remembered the movie could’ve been way better if the powers that be allowed Waititi to keep more footage as opposed to the dry 2-hour cut we saw in theaters, which is also one of the shortest Marvel movies to date.

With no real competition, The Way of Water leads weekend box office… is it enough?

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The long-anticipated Avatar sequel finished its second weekend by bagging $19.5 million, bringing its domestic total to $217 million after two weeks in theaters. It’s obvious now that The Way of Water won’t gross nearly as much as the original, so the question is: Will it be able to break even for the studio and make the most-expensive cinematic venture in history worth it? This is especially significant now that the medium as a whole is challenged by the new streaming business model, so let’s hope the James Cameron flick can pick up enough momentum in the weeks to come.

Here’s how people a hundred years from now will be able to experience new games directed by Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear Solid
Image via Konami

Having worked in the gaming industry for nearly three decades, Hideo Kojima revolutionized it at every turn, making him a living legend for creatives all around the world. The man hasn’t slowed down a bit in terms of churning out new innovative titles, and apparently, he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. When asked where he sees Kojima Productions a hundred years from now, here’s what the director said: “I’ll probably become an AI and stick around. You need to be stimulated in lots of different ways if you want to keep creating new things, so I imagine I’ll keep collaborating with others and taking in new things even if I’m an AI.”

Knowing Kojima, we kinda believe him.

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