Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin and its ending.

Even though it boasts only four episodes, there is a lot to unpack from The Witcher: Blood Origin, but we’re going to try and give you a rundown of everything that happened in that finale and its post-credits scene.

Spoilers to follow.

In the final episode, the first Witcher, Fjall, infiltrates the palace with Scian. The Empress asks Fjall to join her, but the prototype Witcher, in a fit of rage, starts killing the guards. Then the enigmatic alien monster enters the stage, compelling Fjall to fight him and setting the precedent for all those to follow in this new profession.

Éile kills the Empress in revenge and makes his way to the hall where Fjall is fighting the monster. After transforming into something even stronger, Fjall finally manages to defeat the beast for good. Éile kills Fjall by stabbing him, breaking the curse, and freeing him of his monster form.

Michelle Yeoh as Scian in 'The Witcher: Blood Origin', holding out a long sword in both hands
Image via Netflix

Meanwhile, Lenny Henry’s antagonist is fighting Syndril and Zacaré to get control over the Monolith, but the protagonists end up shattering the Monolith and unraveling the Chaos energy, which creates the infamous Conjunction of the Spheres in the first place.

In the aftermath, the monsters from other parts of the Multiverse emerge from the portals and ravage the land while the first humans also arrive at the Continent. Eredin is alive while Éile is shown to be pregnant with Fjall’s baby. The seer who prophesized their fate the last time touches Éile’s stomach, heralding a doom to come for one of her blood, presumably Geralt of Rivia.

In the post-credits scene, Avallac’h manages to travel in time to more than a thousand years in the future. There, she ominously watches over a younger Ciri and contemplates her Elder Blood abilities as she plays with some of her friends in Cintra, leading to the events of The Witcher season three.

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