Woe, Wednesday is on fire! This Netflix series came out recently, but it’s already a quotable classic in many ways. Fans of the beloved Addams family and their adventures always saw Wednesday as a little girl. Jenna Ortega‘s performance gives Wednesday Addams more sass and darkness, which is how it should always be from now on.

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Not only did Wednesday’s adventures take over the world by storm (the series is still topping the Netflix charts) but she said some quotable things that solidify her character as one of the most important influences of modern pop culture. For everyone looking to quote Wednesday Addams around the office or to impress friends, learning some of her lines should be as easy as pie.


Wednesday and Enid standing opposite each other

Wednesday says these words to Enid after she boldly suggests Wednesday get on all the social networks of the moment. Since Wednesday takes pride in not being sucked into the carousel of the modern world, it’s still incredible to see a teenager so out of touch with most of the modern world.

With that said, it’s safe to say everyone who uses social networks has had this similar, if not the same thought. The encompassing takeover of social media over all of our lives has reached its peak in the last several years.

“Our First Order of Business Is to Escape This Teenage Purgatory” – Episode 1

Thing from 'Wednesday'

This quote is from Wednesday’s first encounter with her cousin Thing, who became one of the most likable characters on the show – despite being just a hand. Wednesday plans to escape Nevermore Academy, which she feels her parents forced her to attend. Although Thing was meant to spy on her, Wednesday forces him to work with her.

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This feels relatable because – who actually liked high school? Sure, there were folks that genuinely loved it and thrived there, but for so many others, the experience wasn’t the same. Anyone that’s ever disliked their school could relate to this quote and Wednesday’s disdain.

“Believe Nothing You Hear and Half of What You See” – Episode 2

Image via Netflix

Here, Wednesday quotes someone else – the famous horror fiction writer Edgar Allan Poe. She says this in the form of narration upon finding the headquarters of the secret society called Nightshades. According to her, Poe attended Nevermore Academy in his youth, which is evident from the Edgar Allan Poe Cup taking place in the episode.

Fans of Poe must have been happy to see the literary legend come up in Wednesday, although it would be stranger if he didn’t – he is, after all, one of the first and most influential horror story writers. He must be one of Wednesday’s favorite authors, too.

“I Like Being an Island. A Well-Fortified One Surrounded by Sharks” – Episode 2

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
Image via Netflix

Wednesday boldly utters this during her conversation with her therapist, Valerie Kinbott. Since she’s forced to attend, Wednesday isn’t exactly willing to express herself. Miss Kinbott simply implies that attending Nevermore will help Wednesday “find her people.”

However, Wednesday wouldn’t be who she is without making a witty comeback. People who can relate to this often have difficulty trusting others, or they feel self-reliant enough not to ask for help. Still, making and keeping friends is sometimes crucial for happiness (and Wednesday’s idea of happiness).

“Use the Words ‘Little’ and ‘Girl’ to Address Me Again and I Can’t Guarantee Your Safety” – Episode 3

Image via Netflix

This is one of the most powerful and empowered Wednesday quotes. She says it to the homeless man she encounters at the ruined meeting house in the woods. Throughout history, people were known to underestimate girls, especially if they look (or are) young. Sure, she might still be a high schooler, but nothing about Wednesday screams “little girl.”

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By saying these words, Wednesday stands up for herself and faces danger in the eye, without any grain of fear. This is why she’s one of the most likable weirdos on Netflix; her fierceness and strength come out as often as her unusual quirks.

“Whoever Invented High Heels Clearly Had a Side Hustle as a Torturer” – Episode 4

Image via Netflix

Has there been anything truer said on TV? Wednesday chats with Bianca about coming out of her shell and slipping into a Goth princess dress. Interestingly, Bianca replies with something even more memorable: “As my dear mother always says, “Fire tests gold, suffering tests a woman.”

Episode 4 of Wednesday will likely come down in history as one of the show’s best, if not for this quote then for Wednesday’s iconic dance routine. Jenna Ortega came up with it herself by drawing inspiration from music videos, the first Addams family series, and videos of people dancing in Goth clubs. Fabulous!

“You Are the Reason I Understand How Imperative It Is That I Never Lose Sight of Myself” – Episode 5

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Luis Guzman as Gomez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia in episode 1 of Netflix's Wednesday
Image via Netflix

In episode 5, “You Reap What You Woe,” Gomez Addams gets wrongfully jailed for a crime he is considered to have committed while attending Nevermore. Despite the evidence against him, Wednesday is certain of his innocence, or as she said to Sheriff Galpin at one moment – “the only thing he murders is the occasional opera in the shower.”

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This quote is also one of the rare but extremely memorable moments of Wednesday Addams showing emotion. If viewers hadn’t been there to see it, they wouldn’t have believed it. Despite being out of character for her, fans were finally let into her true feelings for her parents, especially her father. This is one of the strongest quotes of the series.

“Every Day Is All About Me. This One Just Comes With Cake and a Bad Song” – Episode 6

Image via Netflix

It’s Wednesday’s birthday! It’s also nothing special to her, considering she uttered this in a single breath after Tyler asked her whether she loved a day that’s all about her. Suffice it to say, Tyler walked into that one on his own. Anyone with healthy self-confidence (or any) will relate to this quote more than any other. There have already been memes about it all over the Internet.

At this point in the series, Wednesday’s dedication to the mystery she’s been investigating takes a dark turn. Although charming, this quote is just another barrier she creates between her and the people who wish to call her a friend. In the context of Wednesday,this quote may be a tad too much, but outside of it – feel free to say this whenever the time comes to blow out some candles.

“There’s Nothing Quite Like the Feeling of Being Proven Right” – Episode 7

Image via Netflix

Episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now” introduces another well-loved Addams family member, Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen). Fester and Wednesday join forces in resolving the mystery of Nevermore together, but Wednesday continues to alienate people. Enid leaves their shared dorm and decides to move out completely. Xavier gets his feelings hurt by Wednesday, again, as she persists in finding the truth.

Still, everyone who’s ever felt the need to say “I told you so” has likely related to this quote on multiple levels. Wednesday says it to Enid regarding Xavier, but the revelation feels bittersweet. Despite not letting emotions get to her, Wednesday does like to be proven right.

“I Have Great Admiration for Well-Executed Revenge Plots” – Episode 8

Image via Netflix

In the season finale, Wednesday discovers that Tyler has been the Hyde all along and that Miss Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is the actual antagonist. Although a bit anticipated, this twist still makes for a great surprise and gives the show a fitting conclusion. Wednesday says these words to Thornhill herself, adding that her revenge was “a bit extreme, even for my high standards.”

Even in the face of danger, Wednesday Addams didn’t cease to be charming. Not just that, but nothing could stop her one-liners and punchlines, which were, although laced with some pessimism, highly memorable.

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