With Tom Holland having completed a trilogy of “Spider-Man” films, along with appearances in various other crossover works in the MCU, the future of his tenure is unclear.

Part of that is because Sony Pictures has seemingly made no move yet on making a fourth entry in the series in the wake of the huge success of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” which grossed nearly $2 billion at the box-office.

Last month came rumors Holland had allegedly signed a deal to return for multiple new films – namely, a whole new trilogy and appearances in two or three other projects.

However, no major trades or other outlets picked it up, the story remaining very much a part of the more rumor-driven sites of the internet and there was no further confirmation or denial on the studio’s part.

Now, Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Thomas Rothman has spoken with THR and his comments would suggest the next entry won’t be happening anytime soon – but it will happen.

Rothman says “When you can expect it, I don’t know. Serve no wine before it’s time.” Rothman says Sony Pictures also plans to continue taking risks with theatrical releases and so the exploitation of characters in the Spidey universe (ala “Venom,” “Morbius”) will likely continue beyond the upcoming “Madame Web” and “Kraven the Hunter” films.

He adds: “COVID was terrible. But at some point, the audience will move beyond it. I don’t believe that streaming is a death threat to movies. Lack of originality could be.”

There’ll be no shortage of Spider-Man content in the meantime though, with the animated “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse” in 2023 and that film’s follow-up with “Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-verse” in 2024.

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