The Forsaken Airfield is a new map in the recently released The Long Dark DLC, Tales from the Far Territory. Here’s how players can reach it.

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The Long Dark‘s latest DLC, Tales from the Far Territories, the main addition in the first update is a new set of regions in the Far Territory. For the “Choose Your Map” option, the Far Territory isn’t available until you find it by passing through the Broken Railroad, an old map, into the new Far Range Branch map. After it’s found in the game, it’s a selectable region to drop in for survival mode. However, the game doesn’t explicitly tell players they have to find the region first, and it’s caused confusion regarding if the DLC has been activated or not.


One of the mechanics that makes The Long Dark different from other survival games is the map system. It doesn’t have a map that auto updates/reveals, and there isn’t a “You Are Here” icon once the location has been surveyed with charcoal. Players have to rely on locational relativity to pass through the two new connecting maps that lead to the Forsaken Airfield. The Broken Railroad leads to the Far Range Branch Line, which leads to Transfer Pass, which in turn leads to the Forsaken Airfield. Within the Broken Railroad, there is a location named Broken Bridge when following the rail eastwards. Previous to the DLC, the path to Broken Bridge was impassable, but now the bridge has a metal beam bridging the gap. Following the rail into the tunnel takes players to the Far Range Branch Line.

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Take Far Range Branch Line

The Long Dark Far Range Branch Line Map Directions to the Forsaken Airport

It is worth pointing out that players will encounter a very long tunnel that avoids The Long Dark‘s wilderness. Eventually, players will find a doorway on the left side of the tunnel leading to a hall with a small control room. Inside the control room, grab a prybar behind the shelf near the backpack, then head back into the hallway. Continuing straight leads to a long stairway with an open door at the end, but taking a right leads to a locked door. Open the door with the prybar and walk outside to Surfeit Trestle, a rail overpass. Beyond a single railcar, a landslide blocks the path through. To get past the landslide, find the mountaineering rope in the railcar and tie it to the rock pillar nearby to descend to the ice below. While still facing the mountaineering rope, turn slightly right and follow the snow line until a cave is visible. The cave, Platelayer’s Shortcut, leads upwards into the mountain past the landslide, and players can find supplies like in most caves. After emerging through the other side, follow the rail to arrive at Transfer Pass.

Transfer Pass Route To The Forsaken Airfield

The Long Dark Transfer Pass Map Directions to the Forsaken Airport

Continuing on the railroad in Transfer Pass, players will find Vacant Depot, the only set of buildings in the region. Food in all the new Long Dark regions is scarce, but there are several Cattail plants in Loitering Marsh near Vacant Depot. Following the railway past Vacant Depot does not lead to the Forsaken Airfield; it leads to Immutable Hesitation, a dead end. To get to the next region, Forsaken Airfield, take a left at Vacant Depot instead of continuing straight. Find the road leading southwest and follow it until the transition zone is reached.

How To Reach The Hangar

The Long Dark Directions to the Forsaken Airfield

Unlike the Transfer Pass and Far Range Branch Line, Forsaken Airfield has wolves, the most common enemy in The Long Dark‘s non-horror survival gameplay. Following the road, players will arrive at Whealy Turn, where a control tower of the airport is visible down the cliff side. Following the road will lead players to the airport, but players will eventually encounter wolves on the open ice. Players can cut through a frozen river between mountains that leads right to the airport and is relatively safer. Cattails can be collected along the way for food, but the airport should have quite a bit, regardless of the difficulty setting.

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