Is there no end to Patrick Stewart‘s talents? He’s captained the Starship Enterprise, lead the X-Men, and voiced ‘Poop’ in The Emoji Movie. Now he’s been handpicked to Manchester United’s board of directors to oversee the future of one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world!

Wait, I’m getting a call from my editor. Oh. Uh-huh… Okay.

Well, it turns out this isn’t that Patrick Stewart, it’s some other guy with the same name. Regardless, users on Twitter are having some fun with the idea of the beloved thespian turning his talents to the beautiful game:

We bet the soccer Patrick Stewart is entirely sick of these jokes:

Who can argue with a pun of this quality:

Even Extras is getting a shout-out:

Well at least everyone is having fun here, even if the mood at Old Trafford this season isn’t exactly rosy:

Honestly, given United’s recent variable performance they may be better off getting the actual Patrick Stewart in on an advisory basis. But it should be noted his heart lies elsewhere when it comes to soccer.

Stewart has been a lifelong supporter of his local club Huddersfield Town AFC, who compete in the Championship (one down from the Premier League). The Star Trek icon was present at Wembley Stadium in 2017 when Huddersfield was finally promoted to the Premier League, though they were relegated back down in 2019. He’s also the President of Huddersfield Town Academy, which focuses on identifying and developing young talent to play for the club.

Here’s hoping the Manchester United Patrick Stewart can “engage” with the club’s many problems.


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