Toei Animation has released a new trailer to reveal the debut date for the newest batch of One Piece episodes with the English dub.

Season 14, Voyage 2 (which includes episodes 904-916) will be released digitally in dubbed format through Microsoft Movies & TV on December 27. Though One Piece‘s dub was fairly behind the Japanese version, this last year has seen the dub catching up with impressive speed.

You can check out the One Piece Season 14, Voyage 2 trailer below:


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This new batch of episodes continues the “Wano” arc, which sees Luffy and his crew help Kin’emon, Momonosuke, and the rest of the Nine Red Scabbards liberate the isolated nation of Wano from the powerful Emperor of the Sea, Kaido.

One Piece simulcasts on Crunchyroll weekly on Saturdays, with the English dub releasing in batches on Funimation after their digital release dates.


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