Happy Thursday, Yellowstone fans; Christmas is just a few days away, and we’re all channeling our most jolly holiday spirit, singing Christmas carols, and wishing we were stringing lights around the Dutton Ranch. Sure, the family at the heart of our favorite cowboy drama doesn’t exactly spend time bonding around the campfire during the holidays, but we certainly think that spending a Christmas there would be a dream come true. To that end, Paramount is allowing fans to spend Christmas with the Duttons this weekend. In addition to spending Christmas at the ranch, Harrison Ford is giving fans a deeper look into his own Dutton character in the prequel, 1923. Fans are also asking for more screen time and sweeter moments between two of our favorite ranch hands, who fell in love throughout the series, and that’s another Christmas wish for viewers worldwide. You know the drill from here: grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and some spiced eggnog, and let’s ride in.

Paramount is giving fans a Christmas gift with a Yellowstone marathon

There’s a bittersweet Christmas gift from Paramount for fans of Yellowstone this year. If you’re looking to spend Christmas at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Paramount is airing a marathon of episodes on Christmas day, but fans shouldn’t expect that marathon to end in a new episode. There will be no new chapter of the Dutton story this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that revisiting the ranch won’t be the perfect way to spend the holiday.

The first four seasons of Yellowstone drew fans into this larger-than-life existence we’ve enjoyed since 2018. There’s never a wrong time to revisit your favorite moments in the series’ history so far. You can look back to the moment when Beth asked Rip to marry her; you can see John Dutton grow closer to Lynelle Perry, and you can see Kayce Dutton be the most handsome and swoon-worthy tv dad of all time. Of course, there’s also the drama; if you’re feeling saucy on Christmas, you can tune into episodes full of rage, heartache, and all-out brawls.

So as you open gifts on Christmas or spend time setting up toys and gaming systems, let the Duttons fill the background of your holiday; we can’t think of a better way to feel the magic.

Harrison Ford on what drives Jacob Dutton in 1923

Harrison Ford is Jacob Dutton, and his dedication to this chapter of the Dutton family saga is something fans will be blown away by more with each episode we uncover. 1923 sees Jacob and Cara Dutton, with Dame Helen Mirren playing the role of the family matriarch, as they navigate lawlessness, an early depression, and an unusually unkind type of evil that lurks around them. Ford recently spoke with Outsider about becoming Jacob and how Sheridan helped navigate him through the process of getting to know him.

“The way the character is written, Taylor had created an architecture that, once I recognized the architecture of things, I could see that the story was built on hinge-moments in the character’s life, and since I know which way the hinge was turning and where we were going, I was seeing that a lot of the development was being done for me by Taylor.”

Ford continued by saying that he loved being able to show up in 1923 and experience the life of the Dutton family as it was written for him. He loved that Sheridan wrote the story so well that Ford didn’t have to break himself into some mold to fit into it; it was natural and adaptable.

“The usual work of an actor of trying to have to phrase himself through a story was nailed down tight. And to be honest, I could just be there. I could just be real in that circumstance as much as possible, and it would do the job.”

Ford also talked about becoming Jacob Dutton; there are many layers to the character; he doesn’t exist in one moral area — and Ford loved that aspect of the storytelling process too. In addition to getting to know Jacob, Ford also had to nail the look. Finding the right costume to become Jacob was essential to Ford, and one way he ensured that he was giving it his all was by trying on over 70 cowboy hats until he felt like he was picking up the one.

“There are many important aspects to the creation of a character. The first that comes to you when you’ve agreed to play a character is the physical expression of his characteristics. That’s the costume. Once I find the costume, I’m part of the way to finding the man.”

While we’ve not seen much of the 1923 universe yet, it’s evident that Ford, Helen Mirren, and everyone else in the cast gave their all to the characters, storyline, and the Dutton family legacy.

Fans are asking for a tender moment between these characters in the next episode

Colby and Teeter are two of our favorite members of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and when their love story began in earlier seasons, we fell in love too. Teeter is outgoing and brave with her emotions, while Colby is more reserved and hesitant about big gestures of romance. The two bonded when they experienced a life-or-death moment at the hands of a Dutton enemy and even shared their first kiss. 

The pair have continued to grow together, but they don’t have an abundance of sweet moments. They’re very on-brand for who they are as individuals and as a growing pair, but they’re still not the hat some would call tender. In fact, one fan said they’re hoping for more moments of tenderness between the two of them. 

Many fans who like who Colby and Teeter say that putting too much “sweet” into their bond might spur what they share between them. They’re fire and ice, but somehow it works.

Fans are also sad that Ryan and Colby don’t seem to be getting a substantial goodbye. The bunkhouse boys are the best part of the dynamic, and we’re hoping to see more of a moment between the friends who have become family as one sets off for a year. 

The good thing is, we’ve still got an episode before the mid season finale, and we’re crossing our fingers that some of these fans get exactly what they’re asking for! Even couples who share a lot of jokes and sass deserve some sweet stolen moments, but maybe Sheridan will leave them at just that — stolen moments for just Teeter and Colby to share.

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