When you have a fan base as large and diverse as the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s, you can bet that just about every aspect of your products is going to draw some strong responses, whether that’s faithful adherence to the comics or lack thereof, the amount of screen time a certain character does or doesn’t get, or, more recently, the amount of twerking you choose to include in the final product.

But, perhaps rightfully so, few aspects of Marvel films and shows draw as much attention as the way they handle their villains. Being key pieces of the puzzle for comic-happy fans, pop culture junkies, and storytelling enthusiasts alike, the MCU’s villains have always pulled a palpable bit of weight over the years. But for every applause-worthy antagonist such as Killmonger, you have a woefully mishandled example like Gorr.

One villain who has all but fallen right in the middle of this spectrum is Sharon Carter, an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was revealed as the mysterious Power Broker during the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Like the show itself, fans couldn’t agree if they were on board with this revelation or not. But, thanks to the passage of time, Carter’s intriguing arc and equally curious future in the MCU is getting a long-overdue thumbs up from r/marvelstudios.

Carter’s situation as someone who fought on the side of justice only to be punished for it makes for a character with loads of potential going forward, and even the still-conflicted fans were happy to make note of that.

Others began speculating when we’ll see her next, with the two most likely answers being the upcoming Disney Plus series Secret Invasion, where it’s entirely possible she’ll have a second reveal as a Skrull, and in Captain America: New World Order, which follows the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where Carter’s status as the Power Broker was first brought to light.

Others weren’t quite ready to board the Carter train, however.

Love her or hate her, Sharon’s still in the house, and whether she continues down the Power Broker line or ends up being a Skrull when we get our hands on Secret Invasion, she’s coming along for the Multiverse Saga ride, and like all the other players involved, it will be curious to see how her role unfolds.

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